Daily Log #71

I will have to put a lot of my writings on hold because of work.

The way my company make us work is that of modern slavery in my view.

This is how I feel about my company:

It robs you of your other passions, robs you of the time to workout, strip your soul clean by preventing you from doing your hobbies. You make you suffer sleepless night. It makes you dedicate all your life energy to it because they think they pay you well enough.

Even the most basic type of benefits provided by other companies, even those smaller ones, are sometimes better than my current company, which is a MNC of sort.

Now that’s how I feel about it and not going to change. It’s not logically. Maybe it’s not even a fair judgment but I decided not to care if I’m being fair or has think through it rationally. If you have follow me long enough, you will know, I’m driven predominately by my emotions and that’s just the way I roll.

And the company’s policies and operation style have already left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like eating spoilt food; I will be a fool to continue to eat that and make myself sick.