Daily Log #76

While I was at my desk today, my manager decided to come over and talk to me about the Trump-Kim event that I was involved in. She asked me about the days and talked about stability of the system. Later, she asked me to join her at her desk so that she can talk to me about something else.

So I followed her and sat down at her desk. The conversation started with another update about what’s going on within the department and there is a plan for job rotation. I for one know it’s just management talk and an idealistic one. When it happens, it happens. I’m not particularly looking forward to it.

Then she talked about how one should have a goal in mind to achieve at work. Some examples are wanting to be a manager or be a technical lead. Well, in my mind, I already know what I want next and that’s to transit into a design role and also do technical writing.

Finally, she also told me that the management can see my effort and how good I am at my job. Now of course, that’s the professional side of me I tried to maintain at work. If you have read my blog, you would know how emotional I have been of the last few weeks. It was only just today I managed to feel better and I found some more motivation to do my work.

She also raised the point where I have shown that I have been able to manage my stress well because on my first day I mentioned about how I don’t like stress and don’t tolerate it well. Of course she didn’t know it stemmed from my sensitivities. So I guess I have grown in a way on that front. I am still developing the ability to just switch off work stuff once I reached home most of the time. Then there is my writing that help me to dump out the bad stuff. On the physical front, I do go for runs and take longer lunch breaks by going for walks in the mall. Finally, sleep. I sleep more and don’t rely on stimulants. All of which are my holistic approach to stress reduction.

Finally, my manager talked to me about wanting to nominate me for conversion to a permanent position. I acknowledge it and then I guess we shall see how it goes. After all, she also told me that it’s subjected to senior management’s approval and it might not happen.