Daily Log #78

It’s Steam Summer Sale and I found myself browsing through the Steam store looking for what game to buy next. I found Halo Wars Definitive Edition on sale and thought I would buy it.

After I got the game, I sat down and played the single player campaign. After 9 hours, I finished it. I got to say I found myself enjoying it and hating it. You see, as a highly-sensitive person, it can prevent you from playing a strategy game on a higher difficulty level because of the need to multitask and strategize in real time though it also means you can process things deeper and have a knack for details. I know I’m suppose to show compassion to myself but in this case I can’t. I hate that aspect in this case. But I guess one can’t have best of the both worlds.

Anyway, I found myself liking the Halo franchise more and more as of late.

It is the science fiction franchise that I enjoy thus far. I love lore and that it is far more comprehensive than any other I have seen. However, I hadn’t gone as far as buying up all the books and all the games.

Come to think of it, not even Command and Conquer come close considering that EA can’t be bothered to develop it anymore other than to milk it for more money. I only hope that Microsoft continue to do it right by the franchise and not do it like EA.

As a writer of science fiction, Halo serves as one of the few inspirations sources. The others being Star Ocean, Xenosaga, and Horizon Zero Dawn. I also draw my inspiration from Star Trek and the recent books written by Peter F. Hamilton. Now, I’m not really a fan of hard science fiction. I’m more of a space opera type of guy. And I also prefer a hybrid approach by mixing fantasy elements and technology.

Other playing game, I spent most of my afternoon napping until 7pm before going for a shower and joining my family for dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant.

At night, I went to watch Luke Cage season 2.