Daily Log # 79

I spent my whole day binge watching Luke Cage on Netflix and did take a break by going for a quick jog around my neighborhood. By about 6pm, I just got kind of disgusted at myself for wasting so much of my Sunday on a show that somehow got progressively too draggy. I was like “can we get to the conclusion already?”

Or maybe it’s that a part of me was nagging at me to do something more important than to watch a Netflix show like maybe finish that damn book that I can’t seem to bring myself to finish it. There is always this edit to do, more content to put, etc. It’s like perfectionism raising its ugly head all over again. And I know what’s the other reason. Lack of planning. A lot of things that I do aren’t really planned out in detail. I just went with my gut and do it. I think mentioned this before several months back and it’s like a bad habit I never quite kick.

So tonight, I’m will do just my writing. Other than dinner, there shall be no more distraction and I go offline for that purpose.

That’s all for today’s post because I hadn’t really done anything much.