Daily Log #80

There wasn’t much going on at work today. All I did was to clear off the JIRA issues that were assigned to me and by about 5pm, I was already done with all of them and with that, I spent the remaining time just watching and browsing YouTube on my iPad.

When I got home, I watched an episode of Shooter season 3 on Netflix and then had my dinner.

I did spend some time contemplating what am I doing with my life.

First, I am overweight and have been having a hard time to lose those fats. It’s my fault really for spending so much of my time sitting down either to write code, watch shows, play video games, and writing. I’m not doing enough to move and burn more calories. Right now, I’m laying in my bed writing this journal, using my rather big tummy to prop up the laptop against my thighs. Urgh… I hate this chunk of fat. I need to put in the work to get myself into a habit of going for walks and run on a weekday instead of finding excuses.

Second, my hair so now so long that it is already a mop. It also make me look fatter and uglier…not that I’m that good looking in the first place. Now I just look even worse. So I will schedule for a hair cut this weekend. Enough with the “fuck the world” attitude.

Third, I realized that I’m having a hard time writing my novel now because I’m so focus on trying to do the following:

  1. Show don’t tell
  2. Be concise
  3. Avoid words that end with -ly
  4. Taking care of grammar

It’s no wonder that I couldn’t get into flow because I’m trying to write like the so call “pros” do instead of writing in my own way. I’m editing myself as I write and I lost my voice in a way. So time to put a stop to that. I should just write exactly how I will tell the story and then edit from there. If not, the novel will never finish even when the sun becomes a red giant.

Ok, that’s all for tonight. I will try and put in more words into my novel before turning in for the night. Or… maybe I should just sleep early since it’s known that lack of sleep causes weight gains.