Daily Log #82

The morning of Thursday was spent in office doing some work, fixing some of the bugs raised by my colleagues. There were a few more that I said I would look at the next day because two of my colleagues and I had to make our way to the ConnecTech Asia at the Marina Bay Sand.

While we were at the exhibition, I couldn’t believe just how underwhelm I was by the things showcased by the various companies there. Everyone was doing similar things when it comes to solutions related to Smart City, Traffic management, and Public Safety. Even I can’t tell the difference between the user interfaces used.

I suppose this is what happens when people relied excessively on frameworks to build User Interfaces and neglected completely on make it showcase the creator’s brand. For example, if it’s Huawei product, I expected it to feature themes of Red and White. And a lot of times, I see shades of black and grey.

For me, as much as I love black and grey, I don’t want to see it everywhere. Even I don’t use Dark Mode that often. I prefer authenticity more. The heavy use of black and grey tell me a lot about the company. It tells me the company lacks care for their product, lazy, and is only around to make money. Nothing else matter.

On Thursday night, I made the jump and bought Halo Wars 2 from the Windows 10 app store for SG$73.50. While it was downloading, I went and play a round of skirmish with AI in Halo Wars. I did find myself struggling with it despite the enemy being on normal. I can only assume it’s because I hadn’t been playing realtime strategy games non-stop since the demise of the Command and Conquer franchise. I have always played first-person shooters (FPS) with a mix of role-playing games. After I won the match, I quit the game and instead focus on reading up stuff in the Halo universe.

When the game download was completed, I went ahead and played two campaign missions and was half way through the third when I decided to call it a night since it was already 11pm

Friday itself was a slightly more productive day for me. I had a quick discussion in the morning with my team lead regarding the existing UI and how to go about fixing some of the glitches. After that, I went back to my seat and work. For lunch, I went to eat at Hot Tomato with another intern who joined the team two months back. Well, I do like a little variety for my lunch and that eating the same type of food everyday bores me out.

Later in the afternoon, I went about fixing more stuff, had some chitchat session with my colleague and took a break. I left for home and spent the rest of the night playing Halo Wars 2.

Throughout Friday, I found myself thinking about getting the Xbox One X so that I can play games like Gears of Wars and Halo. However, the price of the console doesn’t justify. Spending nearly $700 just to play two game franchises don’t seem a good investment. I will adopt a wait and see stance for any new franchises or exclusives announced for the Xbox.

On Saturday, I finished the last few missions of Halo Wars 2 and just feel that I am still missing out on experiencing the story of Halo 5 myself. Reading about it on wiki isn’t good enough because you don’t get to see the visual too.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go out and buy some more books to read. Specifically, I was looking for Neal Asher’s War Factory and Infinite Engine, sequels to the Dark Intelligence. I also got myself two books from the Halo franchise. It turns out the Kinokuniya store at Orchard Road didn’t really have a lot of stocks. Most of the copies were showing signs of age and fraying of the cover. So I pick up the ones that still looks pretty good on the outside. I also came across The Expanse but the bookstore didn’t have book 5. If they had, I would have bought all seven books and read.

With that in mind, it turns out my brand of minimalism, other than my basic needs, really is about focusing on three or four main things: Video games or toys that I love playing/having, books that I love reading, hardwares that I love using or improve my quality of life, and nice food. Everything else to me is superfluous. I couldn’t care much for big fancy cars, or houses or watches. Of course, over the years, my interest or things that are of value to me may change but so far, I have noticed I keep going back to those four things. Now what I can do is to ensure I don’t keep too many of those things. Just like how I purge my collection of old PC and consoles games that are simply not going to work with new generation of hardware a nearly a year ago. And one last thing, I will proceed to purge more physical stuff later this year because my room will be renovated.

For Sunday, I spent my morning reading two books: Stephen King’s IT and Steve Jobs biography. I managed to cover about twenty to thirty pages for each of the books before I stopped. I hadn’t been able to find a good position to read my books in since my back and neck pain hasn’t really gone away because I slipped up again. I spent too much time in front of the computer over the last few weeks to play games.

I probably will continue to read later. Now I am gonna try and get my hair cut as well as go for a run…pending the weather. It’s been raining the whole day.