Daily Log #85

I spent the first half of my Saturday doing two things. The first was reading and completing Halo: The Cole Protocol. The next was playing Halo Wars 2, specifically completing the Awakening the Nightmare expansion. The night before, I completed the Operation: Spearbreaker addition. After that, I went and took a nap from 12.30pm to nearly 5pm. Yes, I was that tired.

After I woke up, I spent some time to read the next Halo book that I bought. It was Halo: Glasslands. I managed to cover about fifty pages. Later, I went out for dinner with my family. After I got home, I went to re-watch some movies on Netflix in a bid to get some new inspirations.

Because of my long afternoon nap, I didn’t manage to fall asleep until it was almost 3am. During that time I was awake, I had to deal with outbreaks of hives caused by my diet and had to take some anti-histamine.

I woke up at around 9am on Sunday morning and first thing I did was to try and write my novel. But I can see myself procrastinating. Most of the time I found myself just browsing Netflix instead hopping to find something to watch. When I don’t feel any, I went on iTunes.

You know, the problem with Singapore version of Netflix and iTunes was that they don’t have everything the American version had, mostly due to rights issue. That to me, is stupid. From a business point of view, isn’t it better to have everyone access your content? You have 7 billion people in the world and media companies decide to limit to just a few nations? That’s just stupid.

But I digress.

I finally managed to get into a partial flow state to write my novel at around 4pm after coming back from a jog and lunch. After finishing up the last scene of Chapter 5, I did some editing on the overall flow, and added more paragraphs to expand on the ending. I just thought that the ending felt a little rush.

Then I went to fill in some more for a scene in Chapter 3 that remained stuck for the last few weeks. I believe I will be able to finish this last scene by tomorrow. I probably will be doing some writing on the journey to work or home. I will also have tomorrow night to do it. After that, I suppose I will put the novel aside and then go back to it like in a few days time to start the editing process. Once that’s done, I will publish it here, on this blog.

Anyway, the bad posture that I adopted for reading books and using the computer over the last few days caught up to me. With this tension headache, I feel irritable. I tried to use the neck massager that I have to ease up the pain but it didn’t help much. So I guess I won’t stay up too late tonight. Hopefully a good night sleep can cure some of the pain.

And I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow because of the need for me to go down to the customer’s office. I for one still don’t like going there after so long. I just like to stay in my cubicle to do my work as it is more comfortable.