Daily Log #87

At work today, my team lead and I had a chat about the situation on Monday night. He told me it’s expected for us to stay at work until so late when it comes to production environment. Issues can to raise their head during that time. Hmm, I do know that. I’m not that naive or ignorant. However, I for one don’t see the need for it if the preparation work has been done properly with extreme diligence and that there aren’t any last minute addition.

And why I said that?

Well, I went through the need to migrate a production system from one platform to another during my first job. My team lead and I went through days after days of rehearsals. I stress tested the application and migration SQL scripts with cloned production data on various machines for days. I practised executing batch commands several times a day. On the actual day, everything was smooth sailing and fast. We only took ten minutes to migrate the system and went live. Preparation and diligence give us stable production environment. At my current job however, I would say it is one of the messiest I have seen when it comes to production system.

I also raised the point that unlike others, I don’t tolerate working longer than eight hours because of how it affects my physical and mental health. I told him I can probably give them maximum of nine hours before I need to shut down. My body is very sensitive to any imbalance ranging from food to personal life and will react accordingly. After all, it’s not very good if I have to keep calling in sick after every long working day just to recover. That was something he agreed and say will take into account when delegating work.

I will say that it will take sometime before the working dynamic is settled.

And you know what? I actually fell ill, was exhausted and barely able to move in the morning. I had to go on two rounds of painkillers before I feel better. Even so, my mind then wasn’t working very well. It’s so foggy and I am pretty much absent-minded. I still am now.

So you see, I really don’t want to be in that situation. And I’m so angry because the whole situation actually violated my personal values on health and disrupted my routine—a routine that was established to keep me going optimally and sanely. At the end of the day, I will be the one suffering and have to face the consequence if I overwork and don’t rest enough. When I suffer, I have to call in sick and then the company suffers later because tasks are not done.

That’s why, in order for me to help you, you have to help me too.

And I know I promised (as per my employment contract) to give 8.8 hours of my time from Monday to Friday. Thus, I will give you the best work I possibility can during that period. After that, it is really my personal time. If I do choose to give you more of my time, it is usually because I think I can and able. Otherwise, don’t force me to work.

Work stuff aside. Some light-hearted stuff.

After work today, I went a toy and video game store at JEM to search for Halo 5 (disc version) and Halo: Master Chief Collection. I was thinking if the store had those in stock, I would have bought them alongside with a new Xbox One X. Sadly, they don’t have those games in stock. I left, boarded the train and went to Jurong Point. Once there, I tried the few video games store and it turns out they don’t have the games in stock too. That means, I have to put off buying Xbox One X for now.

Of course, I know I can buy it from Microsoft Store but I don’t really want to. I want to use this “lack of stocks” as a barrier and prevent myself from buying a console that I will probably regret later. Two, I was really attempting to force myself to stop spending nearly half of my take home salary every month on stuff that I don’t need. I wanted to see if I can go for months saving the maximum amount of my take home salary, after deducting for bills and giving my parents money.