Daily Log #89

I didn’t sleep very well last night because I wasn’t that tired for some reason. So I woke up at around 7 am and just lay there in bed, tossed and turned until 7.50am when I decided to get up and have basic breakfast.

After that, I went about to clean dust from the TV console, setup the Xbox One X and put everything back in place. Once the game console is powered on, I went through the process of updating the system, setup the timezone and whatnots, signed in my Microsoft account and began downloading the games I bought yesterday.

I got to say I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer file size the game console needed to download for each of the game. Halo: Master Chief Collection (Digital) needed to download nearly 63GB of data while Halo 5: Guardian needed to download 50 GB of data in addition to the 41 GB of data to install from disc. While I waited for the downloads to complete, I went ahead and bought the Halo 3: ODST campaign for the Master Chief Collection and that alone is another 7 GB of download.

Even with my 1 gigabit fibre broadband, it took the whole morning before the Master Chief Collection completed its download and the Halo 5 to finish one quarter of its download. During that time, I went ahead and played Halo: CE until I think it was the last campaign mission.

I went ahead and watched first episode of Halo: Nightfall before heading out for a run. I made the choice of pausing Halo 5 download and let the Halo 3: ODST to download. To my surprise, the download speed was about 280 MB/s and within minutes, it was done. That made me wonder why Halo 5 took so long.

Either way, I switched off the console and went for a run. After that, I had a late lunch and spent some time re-watching Starship Trooper: Traitor of Mars before getting on to put in some writing. I shall admit that I got a little distracted and was watching YouTube until evening.

Took a quick nap, woke up for dinner and continued more writing with YouTube playing on the side. Throughout the whole time, I find myself irritated by how cluttered my desk is with all the cables, drinking cup, two mice, a keyboard, plants, geomancy crystals, a huge ass gaming PC, and the inconsistent color scheme. Then there is the use of an ugly ass cloths to cover up the television and monitor to prevent dust and for geomancy reason.

Sigh… this is what happens when you let someone else to decide to use whatever is at home to “spruce” up your room without care for consistency, colors, and design.

So over the next two weeks, I’m gonna redo my whole desk setup and get proper, nicer looking cloths to cover up my television and monitor.

And I’m not sure yet if I want to give up PC gaming for the sake of having a cleaner desk, now that I got a Xbox One X. So bear with me while I run through my thoughts here.

I did think about replacing my current desktop with a smaller gaming desktop by Asus. Like the ROG HURACAN.

The use of GTX1080 however is making me think twice because I’m already using that graphic card. And it has been a long time since Nvidia released anything new for gaming. They are so focus on the enterprise side of things like Self-Driving, Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing that it does make them look as though they don’t give a shit about gaming anymore.

The only other logical path would be to buy the necessary hardware for me to build a gaming PC in ITX form factor. Then there is the other thing I could do is to get rid of the television and hook up my gaming console and Apple TV to my monitor. Since it is a 1440p monitor, the output from my PS4 and Apple TV will have letterboxes, maybe even look blurry. But that will definitely free up the top of the TV console for me to put my desktop there. After all, the TV Console is right next to my desk.

So I think the best option would be…

Get rid of that television.

As for speakers for my game consoles, well, I got the Creative Soundblaster Roar that can be connected to my monitor. So all is fine.