What I learnt about myself from playing Halo

I love Halo franchise because of its nature as a science fiction. Furthermore, the Halo universe is vast and very suitable for all kinds of stories to be told from different perspective.

Because of that, I decided to spend SG$700 on Xbox One X and buy all the Halo games for it for another SG$100 or so. Then I spent the last five days playing the first two games and didn’t really find the desire to watch any shows or do any writing. But I did take time to reflect and that’s how I figured out, discovered and re-discovered things about myself, and about writing science fiction in general.

Number 1

It made me realize that I was a minimalist all along. The kind of minimalist where I focus on only a few things: gaming, writing, reading, and gadgets that improves my quality of life. Throughout my life, I have in fact spent the most time, effort and money on those three things and nothing else. As long as I have access to those, I’m extremely grateful and happy. I never for once felt unhappy about having too many video games, too many books or gadgets. I can even stop buying new clothes for years or skip eating nice food just so that I can get stuff related to any of the four. But I also recognize that I will need to purge old unusable gadgets, video games or books that I no longer read so that I have space for the new stuff.

Number 2

Writing science fiction is something that you can’t jump straight in without a plan, especially if you want to write something on the scale like Halo or even anywhere close. It is just not possible. I learnt my lesson the hard way. There are countless writing projects that I have abandoned because I didn’t plan and only got down to write because I have this sudden urge to do so. Now, I will draft stuff related to the science fiction universe that I want to create in bits and pieces to keep me going. And yes, I do have a science fiction universe that I wanted to create since I was twenty and I’m doing the planning, writing and any other activities I deem necessary to the successful completion of the project.

Number 3

There are times when I actually doubt my ability to focus on one thing for a long period of time because of my tendency to seek the new, the shiny or the novel. But the truth is, I can go all the way into something for days without being bored if that something inspires me greatly and keep me engaged. I can actually apply the same kind of laser focus on the things I work on without being bored or frustrated if I set my mind correctly.

Number 4

My highly-sensitive nature also shows when I’m playing this game. Since I play the game after a long work day, my attention, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination ability are down to the lowest of low. Yet, it prevents me from sleeping well at night because of excessive simulation of my brain.

Number 5

This is related to number 4. I do get frustrated from time to time when I have to deal with a lot. Like the alien Flood. They are countless and love to swarm you from many directions. I lost track of how often I became irritated by the constant need to aim my guns at new enemy. And because of my nature to focus and go deep in, switching my attention constantly make me tired even faster. But I see it as a good training tool. Train myself to be even more resilient and have the ability to enter focus mode faster. I would say it hasn’t been successful. It still take me half an hour to go deep into something when it comes to work.

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