Daily Log #91

Over the last week, I managed to finish Halo CE Anniversary, Halo 2 and Halo 3: ODST while a quarter or possibly midway through Halo 3 campaign. Thus far, I have really enjoyed myself and continue to love the fictional universe of the franchise. However, I also know that I hadn’t gone as far as digging out every aspect, design decision, throwing out theories, etc. about the franchise like most hardcore fans do.

With that aside, work today was quite uninspiring because I had to work on something that was supposed to be done months ago. I didn’t finish it because I got very overwhelmed by the constant need to prepare for demos, go on site to do deployments, and that I was uninspired to work with codes written in a style and manner I don’t agree with. Even after so long, I still feel bored by the work.

Making things worse was that I didn’t have enough sleep the night before and was super sleepy throughout the day. Since my body don’t do well with caffeine these days, I had to force myself through it.

As the day went by, it became clear to me that I wasn’t doing very well with the design of the functionalities required based on how haphazardly I wrote my codes and skipping the use of local database to call the external API instead. Even my colleague commented that she wasn’t expecting me to drop the quality of my work by doing that. I shrugged.

Anyway, recently I have been thinking about scaling back my career to focus on doing the only thing I enjoy doing. That is to write codes to create stuff for people, nothing more, nothing less. From where I’m sitting, being an intermediate software engineer in a big company means that I have a lot more responsibilities. Those responsibilities are distracting and overloading me from the things I do enjoy. And it will only become worse as I go further along.

But there is also the question of salary: would I still be able to get the same kind of pay I’m getting now and if not, how comfortable am I to get a pay cut?

I’m just not sure if I have an answer yet…maybe I’m really looking for certainty that I won’t regret it before committing to any decision.