Daily Log #92

On Tuesday, I made an Wednesday appointment with a skin clinic so that I can get the acne scars treated.

I was struck with two waves of acne outbreak, the first during puberty and the second was during my university days. It was the second wave that caused the scarring.

On Wednesday, I went there after work and had my dinner before that.

I registered and waited for consultation with the doctor. At around 7.40pm, I went into the doctor’s office, he explained to me the process and the treatment available, dependent on my budget. Then I was sent out to the counter again where the staff would explain to me the packages available given a certain budget.

I told the staff that I have a budget of maybe SG$6000. Then she asked if I could stretch it a little because there are certain combinations of the package that is more suitable for my current condition. From SG$6000, it became SG$7400 after tax and I agreed to it though it was painful to see my credit limit go down by that amount. The good thing was that I have a credit card from a participating bank that offers 0% interest rate installment plan. So it will cost me around SG$616 per month to pay off the debt.

So that means I won’t be able to get the new MacBook Pro or iMac, the latter being something I desire to replace my current gaming desktop so that I can move on to pure console-based gaming. The other being the iMac is a cleaner machine, so much more, than a gaming desktop because of fewer cables needed.

But I digressed.

So my treatment plan consisted of 5 sessions VBeam laser, 2 sessions of Infini combined with Rejuran. The VBeam laser treatment was alright because of the numbing cream. For Infini, because of the use of micro-needles, they had to give me local anesthesia but I still feel like being slapped repeatedly. The doctor explained to me that he targeted the main branches of nerve in my face but there are areas that have nerves from other branches that won’t be completely numbed.

After Infini, it was time for Rejuran and the doctor said it will be a painful one. Well, I wasn’t sure how painful it was until the first delivery. That hurt like hell despite the numbness. And I had to live through the pain as the doctor did the injection all over my face. It felt like my face was being pinch sharply and then jabbed with something very sharp and large.

When everything was done, my face looked like I had too much to drink and it also looked puffy from all the drugs. I asked the doctor to give me a medical certificate for me so that I didn’t need to go to work on Thursday.

On Thursday, the redness was still there but my face wasn’t that puffy anymore. I suppose it will be a few more days before I start seeing any result from the VBeam treatment. As for the Infini treatment, it will take up to a month or more before there is any effect.

So I guess for the next one year, I will be under debt as I pay off the installment plan. It’s too bad that the bank will charge me $150 if I choose to pay it off early. If not, I would have use my bonuses from my work to pay it off.