Daily Log #93

My face finally stopped looking like a tomato. I have also removed most of the dead, dried skin and scabs from my face. However, I have not seen any improvement in terms of hypertrophic or depressions cars. Even the ice-pick type scars are still around. After all, only a few days have passed and it can take up to a month for the repair process to finish, and improve the overall look. At least, I think most of the brown marks are gone except for certain parts of my face due to recent acne outbreaks.

That aside, I finished the main campaign of Halo 5: Guardians, having started yesterday afternoon after finishing Halo 4’s campaign. Now I just waiting very eagerly for Halo 6. That game will use a new game engine call Slipspace, which is actually the primary form of faster-than-light travel in the Halo fictional universe. 343 Industries prepared a demo called Halo Infinite to showcase the game engine, and in my opinion, how future Halo games built on it would look like. Information about the new Halo game is scarce except for the fact that it will focus on Master Chief after fans complained about Halo 5’s multi-characters viewpoints, the story planning started back in 2015, and development on the game is progressing well.

Personally, I would like to see more of Spartan Locke too. Hopefully, there will be a separate game for him and I won’t mind either a RTS like Halo Wars or a first-person shooter. I also would like more story about the Spirit of Fire after it was pulled through slipspace to The Ark after drifting for twenty over years since the battle on Shield 0459. I’m curious as to who is able to pinpoint the location of Spirit of Fire and open a slipspace portal for the ship. Some fans are saying it could be the Gravemind located on High Charity, which had crashed on The Ark and under quarantine by Sentinels. I guess we will have to wait and see where 343 Industries take the story.

Then there is a Halo TV series currently under production and it would be huge for the franchise since more people could be introduced to it. A TV series could put it on equal footing as Star Trek and Star Wars. Now, I’m looking for Halo’s Fanco POP! toys. Looks like there are more coming soon in 2018!

Come to think of it, it’s actually a very lonely thing when there is no one else in your immediate life that shares the same interests. And most of my friends are mostly attached, married and some even have kids. I’m one of the few who remained single because of my desire of not being tied down to someone. I still pretty much like my independent life with minimal commitments. So the only other thing I could do is to participate in the Halo community, just like what I did during the Command and Conquer’s heyday.

I have actually been distracted by YouTube while I was writing this Daily Log and feeling kind of tired…


Just one more update before I call it a night…

I went out with my family for a dinner on Saturday evening. We ate at a place call Uncle Leong Seafood, located at 15 Lorong 8. The place is located inside Bradell Tech, a light-industrial zone.

My apologies for the lousy photographs. But I really don’t think anyone takes photo of their food anymore and I take these photos just for remembrance sake. I rather focus on eating my food, so I took quick snaps and be done with it.

The signature fried Tofu…

Cereal prawns…

Stir-fried broccoli with scallops and carrots

Herbal chicken…

Fried Yam Ring

Steamed Sea Bass…

And finally, Chili Crab!

Some buns to go with the Chili crab… mostly for dipping.

So that dinner cost about $320, split between my sister, brother-in-law, myself and my dad. Because of the high-expenditure this month, I find myself not being able to buy any more expensive stuff until I pay off at least half of the installment plan.

And in case you are wondering where is that book I’m writing… well, I still hate myself for not putting any more effort into it other than the occasional sentences and edits I done while traveling on the train. It’s my fault really. Nobody else. I was too engrossed in the Halo franchise and that was kind of my focus the whole two weeks. Other than that, I was stuck in my own head, daydreaming about which direction I will take the stories I want to write…

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