Daily Log #94

I just realized today I made a mistake.

I spent some time this morning to calculate my expenditure on my main credit card as well as how much I have paid off. It turns out, I topped up additional $236 because I didn’t bother to calculate how much I owe when I made a $800 repayment the day after my facial treatment.

If it was a normal expenditure, it would have been fine but as you know, I went for a acne scar treatment that cost me $7,400 and had to pay that off using a 0% interest free installment plan with my primary credit card. With that additional $236 I put into the card’s account means that I have made a prepayment of the installment plan. And the bank’s term was that if there is any prepayment of any amount for installment plan, they may charge me an administrative fee of $150.


It’s really my fault and I doubt I can get it waive off. So I will wait and see what the bank do when they send me the monthly statement later this week. This is the time when they consolidate all the transactions I made and determine how much I owe.

That aside, I decided to go ahead and buy two more games for my Xbox One. The first is Gears of War 4 and the other was Mass Effect: Andromeda. Both of them were on sale and I thought why not.

I have also installed Halo Wars 2 on the console and imported all the saved data. Previously I was playing that game on my Windows gaming pc. As the days goes by and I spent more time on the console, the urge to get rid of that pc grows stronger.

Reasons are simple. Gaming console has a easier maintenance and faster startup. I can just jump on and game without thinking much. PC need a longer boot up time and is much slower overall…you know with all the Windows update and stuff. Anyway, games these days looks nearly indistinguishable comparing the PC and consoles, especially if it is mastered for Xbox One X. There are also more compelling titles on the consoles than the PC these days. By that I mean, there just ain’t much exclusive games on the PC with a very strong story, characters and good gameplay. Most are multi platform. So I stop seeing any good reason to keep the desktop.

And for general purpose computing, I have my MacBook Pro and iPad. Even my phone can do things my PC can do.

So maybe by the end of the year, I would get rid of the pc…

That’s all for today.