Daily Log #95

These past few days has seen me being more creative in the sense that I have been actively creating and updating JIRA tasks. It all stemmed from the current situation where my team lead allowed me to work mostly unsupervised and alone.

You see, over the last few months, I have always mentioned and complained that the constant interruptions to support different activities is really counterproductive. I couldn’t get anything done effectively or right. I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing as other people. Humans just can’t multitask. All that complaining and requesting have finally gotten through.

And now, my team lead is able to see the result of leaving me alone to do my thing as long as whatever I created is aligned with the project scope and requirements. We even talked about that while we were going for lunch. I can tell he’s happy with the end result.

In case you are wondering, I have created four, maybe five, brand new JIRA tasks about various functionalities and improvements that wasn’t really described in the requirement specification within the week. It even created a situation where we have to review what we have done to see if they were correct. The situation of “let’s create, show the customer and wait for feedback” is still ongoing now.

I can tell you right now, I’m happier and feeling my job is now more meaningful.

Now, this attitude, or you can say personality, of mine that is always wanting to create has always been there. After all, it is the same approach that I took when I do transited to do into freelance mode when I first started my career. I can tell you that till this day, if my client is willing to pay, I will continue to enhance and improve what I have already created. I will keep churning out ideas to implement so that the application will be better than before. I may even overhaul the existing functionalities just to improve it if necessary. Sadly, my client no longer seems willing to invest any further.

But, it doesn’t mean that this same attitude is applied to the things I hate or have no interest in. Like I won’t actively seek out to do marketing, sales, or talk to people.

That aside, I am definitely leaning towards getting a iMac 2018 version once Apple refreshed that line with better processor and GPU, and wanting to get rid of my PC before that. As for my pre-existing Steam library, I will probably get rid a whole bunch of them since I don’t play them anymore. I will switch the ones that I still play for Mac version if they exist. For example, games like Cities: Skylines. Otherwise, I’m good with playing the remaining games on the Xbox One X since most Steam games that I have now are cross-platformed. For example, games like Doom, Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Tomb Raider, Everspace.

Then, I guess I will probably upgrade my current 1080p television to a 4K version, if not, at least get a slimmer one. The one that I have now is like 8 years old, possibly even older, and very bulky.

Well, all the above sounds like a plan but it won’t happen until I pay off that installment plan that I have.

And that leads me to wanting to talk about my current face.

The skin definitely looks younger and has less blemishes. It will take several more days for the renewal process to complete and then another three weeks for the result of INFINI RF treatment to show.

Maybe it’s premature but I will recommend my friends to go to this clinic if they really want to have a younger and nicer looking face.

That’s all for tonight. I’m still spending way too much time on my Xbox.