Daily Log #97

I didn’t do anything productive today. Didn’t play any games or read any books. Instead, I just went and watch some videos on YouTube and tried to find something to watch on Netflix. However, the Netflix Singapore collection is just pathetic and starting to wonder if the $17 I spent every month on subscription is even worth it. So many shows and films are missing. What I can get on iTunes now is only available on Netflix months if not years later.

And I came down with some sort of allergy. So after taking anti-allergy medicine, I went for a nap. When I woke up, I went for a jog like I always do on a Sunday. After I came back, I had some biscuits for snacks and went ahead to rent A Quiet Place on iTunes.

I seriously love how the show keep me on edge. I’m constantly worrying for the characters as they navigate through their environment. Any noise made would very likely attract the attention of the monsters. I didn’t really need the subtitles to know the family dynamics. Besides, I can read some of the hand signs (since they are using American Sign Language) used because I have been watching videos by this YouTuber. I especially like his cover of Sanctify and Sick Boy.

Watching A Quiet Place has also given me some inspiration for what kind of creatures or monsters I want to create for my books going forward. I have noted it down in a notepad and will probably revisit it later.

I also spent an hour or so to edit my novel. It’s already done in terms of the story I want to tell. However, as I got down to editing, I noticed that I hadn’t really gave closure to one of the story thread. I have a rough idea of how to close that but for now I will just focus making sure Chapter 1 and 2 is good to go. By that I mean publishing it for people to read.

For editing, I primarily focus on making sure, as best as I could, the grammar is right and there aren’t any inconsistency in the story. I also made sure certain sentences are rewritten to tighten them for clarify.

Going forward, after this novel is fully published on this blog, I will get down to create a very rough guide of the worlds, environment, enemies, the technology, the characters needed to continue the story. A few months back, I have done a basic event timelines starting from the year 2030 until the beginning of the events in the series of novels or short stories I will write set in the same fictional universe.

And I’m pretty ambitious in terms of the amount of novels I will write for this fictional universe. I see about six full fledge books and probably a couple of short stories. Let’s just say, I’m drawing my inspiration from Halo, Star Trek and Star Ocean with some sprinkles of ideas from other science fiction content I consume.

For now, I’m not going to monetize this fictional universe that I’m creating. It’s just a pet project that I want to create for my own self, to prove to myself that I am capable of creating a huge science fiction universe.

Oh, I did complete a novel a few years back. My intention was to set it in this current fictional universe I’m creating. But as time went by, I felt that it was more of a variant and non-cannon. Now, I changed my perspective to see it as a trial, as a test whether I can complete a novel.

I will probably put that novel up on my blog as individual post for people to read. Until then, I suppose a pdf version would suffice. You can download it here.