Daily Log #99

This is my 440th log or journal, depending on how you want to call it. Even so, I still hadn’t really learn anything meaningful when it comes to writing. Maybe there is slight improvement in my grammar and the speed in getting my thoughts out. And possibly improvement in my ability to express myself.

If I am to dig deeper and be honest with myself, writing these logs has definitely helped me in recognizing my feelings and my thoughts better.

And that’s probably one of the reason why my updates these days have been inconsistent. I only write when I needed to process some things in my life or to document significant events of what happened. This way, I can review one day in the future of where I have been and what I have done.

That aside, I only have two things that I want to note down.

The first thing was that when I went back to work on Friday, I saw the email sent to me by HR asking me to confirm if I will be taking any more paid annual leave from now till September 3rd, 2018 because they wanted to calculate the final payment. The reason being it’s the one year anniversary of my two year contract with the company. Leave not taken, as stated in my contract, are converted into cash. However, what was weird was that the person used the subject ‘Resignation Leave Balance’, making it look like I have resigned from the company. Even better, the email stated that September 3rd is my last day at work.

I replied saying I won’t be taking any more and asked, “I thought my contract is two years.”

I have yet received any reply as the person would only come back to work on Monday.

Me being me, I will just assume the worse and that the company decided to kick me out without notice. That means, they will have to pay me two months of salary in addition to the completion bonus as well as any other bonus payable stated in the contract.

And I will also start looking jobs and going for interviews.

You must be wondering why I don’t wait for further clarification.

Now, I experience the world through meaning and expression. Those things affect my decision making. Therefore, words that you use to describe something has to be correct. The final meaning of a sentence has to be exactly what you intend to communicate.

And it tend to rile me up if I realize you are careless with the words used. Well, it’s one of my pet peeves tied directly to my personality.

When it comes to a new job, there are things I am also aware of.

Like for one, I want to transit into being a UX designer but without the appropriate practice, portfolio and actual experience, no company would hire me. So I will end up being stuck as your run-of-the-mill software developer. And yeah, I don’t even see myself as an engineer. Not in the traditional sense anyway.

My reason for wanting to be a UX designer is so that I can humanize technology, therefore making technology a less “stressful” thing people have to deal with. It’s part of my life goal, “To help everyone, including myself, live stress free.”

I will further expand on the goal with the following:

“To help everyone, including myself, live stress free through designs and creations.”

I design my own life. I’m intentional about it. I know what I like and dislike, thus the things I buy, use and do all serve to make me live stress free. And that is including choosing friends over professionalism because friends reduces my stress and being professional does not.

So now you see, I’m consistent in this way.

The second thing was I spent half of my Saturday playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. So far I have enjoyed myself and liked the story.

Of course, I didn’t really read the reviews but the initial scores of the game did affect my purchase decision. That’s why I waited until several weeks and when the game is on sale before buying. In fact, as of late, I have already mostly stop buying EA games because of the way EA treats its games.

Yes, I know it is a business and the video game industry is cutthroat but there are video game companies that balance profit and making great games while not sounding like a money grabbing company. Look at Guerrilla Games. Look at CD Projekt. Impression these days are ever so more important. Good impression always lead to higher profit in the long run. And how to leave a good impression? By being honest, have integrity and deliver quality. That’s what I always believe.

And I’m well aware business exists to make money. It is a given. But if you keep saying it, keep hanging it in front of everything you do, then you lose me as a customer. I will stop giving you my money just because you love money so much.

And that’s probably why I spend more money on Apple than any other technology company so far. They don’t speak money. They speak quality. They speak how they want to change the world and make it a better place. Their message is consistent in everything they do. Even when it comes to spending on buying companies, they are rather stingy about it. If they can develop in-house they do it. And that is a company I can get behind. It will always have my support…until the day they decided to be like any other money-grabbing companies.

Ok, that’s all for now. I will be off to watch The Package on Netflix.