Daily Log #100

This will be a rant post. Just had to do it for the sake of my sanity.

If it’s me who decided to spend more time playing video games and put aside my writing, it’s on me if at the end I can’t produce anything. It is also on me if my blog’s viewership is falling dramatically because I stopped producing any good content.

However, it is not on me if I didn’t write anything because of circumstances beyond my control.

Today is a great example. Train services decided to break down due to power fault, stranding many passengers, including me, for an hour in a stuffy and super crowded station.

Yes, I could write as I waited. But these days, Singapore is so hot and humid that you will still sweat even if you are standing under a fan. For me, I have both primary and secondary hyperhidrosis, so this weather makes me even more uncomfortable. And my skin these days is so sensitive that even sweat that didn’t dry properly causes me to develop hives.

Then there is the crowd that make me feel even more flustered. I hate crowd. Don’t do well with it.

And making situation worse was the lack of free shuttle buses to transport affected passengers to the remaining stations. So I had to walk at least two kilometers to get the next station where it also has a bus interchange.

So ended up, I wasted two hours before I could finally settle down and relax. And relaxing before writing is what I do, especially after work. It is so that I can use the time to formulate or think about what I want to write about. Or simply to refresh my mind.

Two hours of my life gone just because of public transport failure. And I’m only just one person. What about the countless people who also wasted their time just waiting for some sort of transport to get home.

Is SMRT going to compensate affected people for causing distress and time wastage? I guess not.

The situation won’t be so bad if alternative transportation are readily available, the station isn’t so crowded, and the escalators continue to work. With the latter being down for maintenance, it affected the flow of foot traffic because people can’t go down the stairs fast enough.

Now that I’m home with so little time left before I need to turn in for the night, I really don’t know what I want to do. I’m still feeling pissed and flustered.

I tried to watch some shows but Netflix Singapore is pathetic in terms of its choices. So many movies or shows are missing.

And no I don’t even have the mood to play any games or read any books.