Daily Log #104

I didn’t go to work today because I signed up for a Microsoft event called Modern Application Development.

Previously, there were several events that I wanted to go but because of work, I canceled my registration thinking that it won’t be fair to the team. Back then, I got pretty upset when one of our team member get to go while the rest of us had to work overtime to ensure the event went without a hitch. So this time, although there is an upcoming event this week, I went for the seminar.

The start of the event was a talk on what is cloud and Azure. Then it progressed into a talk on Kubernetes and what it is about. When it comes to Microsoft, the instructor mentioned the company didn’t get involved with the actual codes and they always use the latest upstream version. On Azure, the Master Node is managed by the company while the rest of us get to use only the minions or worker nodes.

After a quick lunch break, we get to see it in action with a demo followed by a lab session. Microsoft provided us with Azure Pass that allow us one month of free use.

I have a brief experience with Amazon AWS and used that to compare with Azure. I have to say Azure is a much friendlier cloud service to use. Other than that, I doubt I will have much use for it going forward since my day job don’t need it and I don’t really tinker around at home since I typically spend the time on video games, watching shows and reading.

I know most people will probably say that to be good or a master in anything, you should practice, try, make mistakes, etc.

My answer to that is “balance”

Sometimes all you have to do is spend three or four hours on something to get the most out of it. Intentional learning and practice is far more effective as mentioned in some articles like this and studies like this have shown.

After the lab session, I left Microsoft’s office at around 4pm and made my way to a restaurant to eat. The lunch wasn’t filling enough because there weren’t any protein or even enough to go around. My stomach by 2pm was already growling and producing excessive amount of acid.

While I’m there, I realize how much I love the design of their office. It’s definitely more refreshing than my company’s building. It’s old, ugly and stifling in terms of design.

You see, I’m someone who needs a great environment to work in, to feel inspired, to feel great and happy. This is why I work in my room, play in my room, etc. It is highly personalized to make me feel at home and that is the most important thing to me when it comes to doing anything. Or you can see it as a way to prime my mind. I’m pretty sure everyone has got their own set of rituals or practices before they do anything productive.

Anyway, I’m also feeling a little exhausted from my current job. Normally, going for seminars or even going for a few days of courses is enough to refresh me but not this time. There were days when I sleep I dream of work stuff. It’s like there are certain things creeping up into my subconscious that I can’t seem to let go. So I will have to deal with that.