Daily Log #110

Last night I had a weird dream about me staying in a really dark and big house with a family of caucasians. Throughout the dream, I found myself busy with fortifying the house and helping out with general stuff. And I just intuitively know it’s about defending the house against an incoming zombie onslaught.

I have forgotten most of the dream but there is the last part that was very clear. The zombies finally attacked and we started activating whatever defenses and traps we had setup earlier. It didn’t take long before the zombies entered the house through some kind of tunnel. I ran and so did the rest of the family. Then I fell behind, armed with a meat chopper, and attack a zombie coming at me from a tunnel. I managed to score a hit on the left side of the zombie’s face before it faded to black and I woke up.

When I went back to sleep again, the dream didn’t continue.

I woke up for good later and took the time to share the dream with a friend of mine. Then I figure out what it was all about.

You see, I have had this same dream for several times now as far as I remember.

The dream was about me, deep down, seeing my work place and the world around me as zombies. Everyone is mindlessly chasing after that one thing, whatever it is. Then at work, no one has ever questioned why certain things has to be done or how to do things differently. And I also feel like nobody seem to have any values they bring to work. After all, zombies have no values. Right?

Then there was the recent incident at work where I was working on a feature for an upcoming tender demonstration. After showing it off the prototype to my team leader and I told him I want to do it right, he said to me don’t need to do it good. Just need a quick and simple idea because there is no need.

Now that’s surprising coming from a team leader and a company who purportedly cared about quality. That runs contradictory to what I value: whatever it is I do, it has to be done right, with superior quality and attention to details. I don’t care if it is a temporary feature or permanent. The only challenge for me is being able to do it fast.

So you see, I’m constantly engaged in a futile attempt to fight against the zombie nature of our modern society, mindlessly chasing or following after things without much thought.

Well…as with everything: Es gibt immer zwei Seiten

Anyway, I spent my Saturday morning playing ReCore, a game that I got for my Xbox the day before. I didn’t play long because I got bored and tired. Then there was this nagging thought that I should be off learning Swift/Objective-C programming in the context of building an iOS app. Given how I wanted to focus on UX and UI, mobile is a great space to work in. It will really challenge me and allow me to grow further as a developer who will take care of the user through their interaction with any application.

It’s my mission to help people live stress free through my creation.

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