Daily Log #115

Oh my goodness.

How the hell did my weight go from 76kg to 80kg…and one year before that was 72kg and the year before was 64kg

Now let me break it down…at least for the rise from 76kg to 80kg.

I stopped walking to the train station and instead took the bus because of the weather. So I don’t sweat as much nor do I expend as much energy. In part, I didn’t want to have the cream I applied on my face to come washing down.

I live a mostly sedentary lifestyle due to my work and hobbies.

The only time I run is on a Sunday.

I switched to a high-protein and high-fat diet but I think the portion is a little too much. And I skipped two mini meals. And I had too much to eat for dinner today.

A colleague actually commented I looked thinner. I don’t know how much of it was a lie.

So what’s going on?

Excessive water weight? 4kg of it? Is that even possible?

Or I’m just really fat…and my metabolism just slow down even more.

Ok, I guess tomorrow, I will start walking to the train station again and no more bus ride. And maybe I will stop drinking barley or ginseng in the morning. They do contain sugar. My body is just sensitive to sugar.

Let see if I can get my weight down again…

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