Daily Log #116

Yep, yep, I’m definitely fat.

The reason I said that was because when putting on a pair of shorts earlier this afternoon I couldn’t button it up. Well, I didn’t measure my waist but I suspect my waist has got to be around 34 or 35 inches instead of the original 32 inches.

So… that’s depressing and it’s my fault really. I used my allergies as an excuse of not exercising outside when there are other ways of exercising at home. Then because of me not wanting sweat to roll off my face and wash away the serum and cream I put on my face when going to work, I didn’t use stairs or walk too much.

Finally, there is the problem of my diet. I thought a high-fat/protein diet will help but it won’t work if I’m living a sedentary life. My metabolism at my current age just isn’t high enough to burn whatever calories I consume.

I also came across a few articles about how allergies are actually signs of inflammation in your body caused by weight gain and that high level of histamines caused by inflammation also make you gain weight. So it’s a chicken and egg problem.

So what I can do is to lose as much weight as possible over the next few weeks and months to bring the inflammation under control and maybe reduce my allergies.

Sigh… come to think of it… managing my diet, my sensitivities and allergies is such a pain in the ass. So much so that I hate my life.

Enough of my self-absorbed whining…

I spent most of my weekend playing Mass Effect Andromeda and I realize it has gotten more and more boring because of the repetitive nature of the tasks and assignments. Some of the mission keep taking you back to the same old set of planets and the travel between the star systems do feel tedious after a while. And then there are so many bugs that Bioware didn’t bother to fix because they rather spend the resources on building Anthem.

No wonder the game wasn’t exactly winning awards and got so much flak from fans. It didn’t do a good job as a science fiction RPG like the other games released during the same period.

And finally, Iron Fist Season 2 is out on Netflix. So I spent some time to watch the first three episodes and thus far I enjoy it. In terms of fight scenes, it does look like Finn Jones has had time to prepare and look more natural. In the first season, he did look like he wasn’t as fluid when fighting. The actor did mention about him rushing to film the ten episodes then and didn’t have time to prepare in an interview.

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