Daily Log #118

When you have minimize your caffeine intake for so long, a sudden increase in consumption leads to poor sleep. After that, the next day is pretty much ruined.

You won’t feel productive at all. Everything seemed so fuzzy. Thinking is hard. And if you can’t think, you can’t do your work properly.

Well, that’s what happened. I had a hard time thinking about what I want to do. And when I did something, it was like I was just stumbling through mud.

The good thing was I managed to get through the day to partially implement a feature and then I made my way home.

After a quick shower, I tried to take a nap only to be woken up again for dinner. Then I went back to sleep.

It was a light nap and I felt better after that.

And later tonight, I will be staying up to watch the Apple September Event. I’m excited to see what Apple will be announcing.

That’s all for now.

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