Daily Log #121

Today is like a big day for Apple devices. Both iOS 12 and WatchOS 5 are released.

I updated my iPhone first in the morning and after it was done, I got to say I was impressed with just how smooth the phone is in terms of app response time. Even the Face ID is also way faster now. Now that’s what I call quality software.

After work, I came home to update my iPad and Apple Watch to the latest version of the OS but I hadn’t got around to play with them because I don’t really use them at home.

Now, I’m just waiting eagerly for the release of MacOS Mojave because of the new Dark Mode feature, new app store, and also for the compatibility with iOS 12 for some of the apps.

Going onto the topic of personal life…

Well, I had an irritating morning because of my insufficient sleep the night before due to the power outage across various towns at around 1.20am Singapore time. I simply couldn’t sleep without some kind of fan blowing at me or the air-conditioning running because I sweat super easily and I will get very flustered. Power only came back closer to 2am. After some tossing and turning, I only fell asleep around 3am.

Then on the way to work, there was some issue with the platform door at one of the station causing trains to run slower than normal. Making things worse was we were all called to alight at Chinese Garden station. By then, it was already 8.40am. Because of the sheer amount of people on the platform, I exited the station and went for the nearest taxi stand only to have no taxi for fifteen minutes. By now, I’m kind of sweating profusely and extremely flustered. I felt like punching someone then.

I went back to the station customer service counter fuming and asked whether the train service back. The person say it is but running very slowly. It’s already 9am. So I requested for an explanation letter just in case my company decided to find fault with me for being excessively late to work.

I went back into the station and boarded the first train that came in. I only reached my station at around 9.10am. So I had to rush to get my morning Starbucks (yes, I went back to drinking Starbucks) and a bottle of barley water before heading to office, drenched in sweat.

Was pretty much pissed through one quarter of my morning and didn’t really get anything done. It was only after that, that I manage to do something productive.

Put it this way.

I love my routines because it is the only thing that make me sane, as I have repeatedly said. Any disturbance to it simply grind my gears a lot. Cortisol rises and I feel the temperature rises in my body. Then I will sweat a lot. Then I get pissed from that heat and sweat, raise cortisol level even higher. Combine that with humid weather in Singapore, I feel the heat even more and sweat even more, and then I get pissed from that combination, creating a vicious feedback loop…

I just hate going there. So… just don’t make me go there…it takes a whole lot more willpower on my part to calm myself down. Sometimes I just give up and don’t bother controlling it.

And seriously, SMRT need to raise its service standard and quality. I don’t know how Singaporeans can tolerate sub-par quality in their lives.

The lack of quality in almost everything in Singapore just… argh…