Daily Log #122


I spent the whole night yesterday and today to format and reset my desktop computer. By the end of it all, majority of the hard disks were subjected to two rounds of full reformat.

While the computer was being reformatted, I took the chance to actually dismantle some of my older hard disks. They are mainly those Parallel IDE ones from several years ago, my old PS3 hard disk and a spoilt 2.5 portable hard drive. After I dismantled them, I subjected the platters to magnets, swiping the hard drives’ own magnets across several times. After that, I toss them together into a bag containing other metallic stuff like the hard drive enclosure, circuit boards, drink cans, etc.

Now, my intention was that once the bag is picked up by the trash truck, the platters inside will be subjected to crushing forces due to the trash compactor on the truck and the other metallic stuff will proceed to scratch and damage the platter randomly.

I also used the chance to destroyed several old electronic devices such as SD card, memory card and old phones that I no longer use by hammering down a pick on the data chips until they split open and I see the shiny and sparkling internals. Then I toss them into the same bag as my hard disk platters.

With this, I have officially quit PC gaming and I won’t be getting a Windows-based computer any time soon. The only Windows I will ever use is at work since I’m developing in C# for .NET.

My main form of gaming will come from consoles, namely my PS4 and Xbox One X. And it’s actually so much easier. With consoles, you just focus on getting the games you want to play. That’s it. If the console spoils, one could just get a new one without worrying about how much ram to get, which processor, which GPU etc. Right now, even Nvidia’s latest and great GPU, the RTX-series can’t even tempt me to go back to PC gaming.

And you know what, I’m so glad that I make this transition. It actually is part of my desire to further minimize my life to the bare essentials.

For personal computing, I got my MacBook Pro and I have the intention to get the latest version of the MacBook Pro so that it can keep me going for another few more years with the Core i9, 32GB of ram and 1TB of SSD before I need to upgrade again. This time I won’t be going for the 13 inch and instead I will get the 15 inch model so that I have more space to work with. There’s a high chance I won’t get the iMac because I do want to be able to bring a powerful computer with me when I go out.

I don’t know what I will do over the next few years. Maybe I find the courage and ability to run my own business. Maybe I become a full hermit. Maybe I will attempt to become the world greatest creator. Maybe I become a digital nomad.

What I do know is that having a iMac definitely doesn’t give me much leeway. I will feel tied down. That’s a form of clutter, a form of stress that you don’t need in life. It’s unnecessary. Better be free and have more choices. A portable computer definitely will help on that front.