Daily Log #126

A good night sleep was something I definitely didn’t have. The left side of my neck and shoulder were aching so badly that there wasn’t a good position for me to lie in. Throughout the night, I found myself waking up quite often.

After waking up at around 8am, I decided to go for a morning run instead of afternoon to switch up my routine a bit. Had a cup of water, did some basic stretching and I just waited around at home for the water to be “digested”. I didn’t want to run with a stomach full of water. Thirty minutes later, I was out of the house.

As usual, I used my Apple watch to track my run. What I didn’t know was it wasn’t tracking calorie burn, my pace and the distance I have ran. I came home only to realize the only thing it tracked was my heart beat and the path I took during the run. It was odd until I remembered I updated the Apple Watch with WatchOS 5.0.1 two days before and there must be something wrong. I looked at my activity for the day before and realize it didn’t track my Saturday activity too.

I did a restart of the watch and my iPhone followed by a quick turning on and off of various options like heartbeat tracking, activity tracking, motion calibration and GPS. Then I put the watch on again and walked round the house. The activity tracker is now working again.

So that means the run that I did was a bit wasted because the history wasn’t logged down. But one doesn’t need technology to know that you have done your exercises for the week.

One thing that’s for sure is I believe I have gotten fatter. It’s very obvious now considering my age and my metabolism has slow down quite a lot. I also recognize that I am not being intentional with my health based on how I am not exercising enough, finding excuses not to exercise and then eating junk. So it is necessary that I develop a habit to encourage me to exercise more. And soon I might add.

That aside, I also find that have been struggling with writing fiction. I’m feeling empty and lacking in the desire to write. Despite my attempts to find new inspirations through my usual mediums (video games and movies), they aren’t successful. So with that in my mind, I think I will need to switch up my routine.

And I think I know just what I need. I wanted to just take any random bus that will take me from one end of Singapore to the other end. By not being stuck in the same usual places everyday (my home and office), it would stop my brain from being comfortable.

The other thing I’m planning to do is to head for a pub next Saturday. I need a drink, expose myself to the elements and be part of an environment that I usually don’t find myself in. I see it as part of the process of making myself uncomfortable in hope to trigger something in me so that I can write fiction again or inspire me again.