Daily Log #130

I spent my Friday evening and Saturday celebrating my friend and my birthday.

On Friday, we went to a Japanese restaurant call Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant for dinner as well as some beer. I ordered a 3 type don (salmon, swordfish, and tuna) and a bowl of Agedashi Tofu while my friend ordered a seafood hotpot and a bowl of truffle fries with mentaiko sauce.

I won’t say the meal was especially good. The price was on the high side. And since I sat at the counter table, I got a close up view of how the chef prepared the sashimis. I admire the skill he had when cutting the fishes but the process just don’t make me feel like it’s appetizing. I guess it’s because I have been thoroughly disappointed from by the same few Japanese restaurants I frequent where the food don’t exactly taste that good.

My friend and I also each had a pint of Asahi beer before we made our way to Kinokuniya where I wanted to get the Halo: Warfleet book. Luckily for me, I got the one and only copy that’s still wrapped in plastic. After I paid for it, we went home.

Once home (I practically speed walk from the train station), I get to have a chocolate cake that was too sweet for all of us. We have pretty much demonize sugar due to our existing health issues and don’t really have a sweet tooth.

On Saturday, I met up with my best friend to have lunch at a cafe call D’good Cafe in Holland Village. I ordered a cup of iced long black with bacon carbonara. You know what’s funny. It took me a while to even remember that cafe and what I ate because it was pretty lousy. The coffee don’t taste particularly good and the carbonara tasted like vomit due to the cheese they used. And the noodles are all clumped together. Very dry.

Well, my friend ordered a classic pancake that took very long to be ready. For the amount of time waited and price, it definitely isn’t worth it. Not that it taste bad. It was just average. And also, I’m not really a pancake kind of guy. I prefer bread actually. The first thing that come to mind is sourdough bread. I love those kind of bread.

So next time, I swear, I won’t go to that cafe.

After that lunch, we had a quick walk around Star Vista that was beside Buona Vista station to kill time and to chat. At around 4.30pm, we both left. I made my way home to change because I had accidentally spilled the long black on my shirt. Good thing was, I wore black. When I did smell my shirt, I thought it had a hint of maple syrup too. It made me suspect, I may have got some on my shirt while eating.

On the way home, I had to tell two of my friends to push the evening meetup later by another 30 minutes because I suspect I couldn’t reach on time. In Singapore, you tend to have to wait up to 15 minutes during non-peak hour for a bus, even when you are at the interchange or terminal.

Once home, I changed to another shirt and had to clear my bowels before heading out. Because of the coffee I had and the late lunch, I had some gastric issue and don’t feel particularly comfortable. I just didn’t want it to affect the rest of my day while I’m outside.

And this is why I generally only take coffee after I have done whatever it is I need to do. But not Saturday. My routine was kind of messed up.

I met with my friends at Holland Village again because we had planned earlier to have a drink at a German bar. I had this sudden craving for some German beer and food.

But once I was there, I ordered a fish and chip instead of anything contains sausages. Not so German… But I did order two pint of Erdinger Weißbier 500. I love that specific draft beer a lot because of how smooth it is. Not particularly bitter. We also ordered pork knuckle.

And you know what’s funny, even the three of us combined couldn’t finish the pork knuckle. Our initial main course pretty much filled our stomachs.

Anyway, after that dinner, I felt like catching a movie. I suggested Jonny English. We looked at the times and decided to head to the nearest shopping mall with a cinema and that was JEM in Jurong East. The last Jonny English show was at 9.45pm and we pretty much rushed our way there.

We managed to get tickets for the third row from the front. Not a particularly good spot but not too bad either. Typically, we prefer to sit around the middle or towards the back. And I’m sure almost everyone prefer that too. It’s just more comfortable to have the screen at eye-level.

The movie is definitely fun and I enjoy it.

After the movie, we took the bus home since there wasn’t any more train service.

And I just couldn’t believe how badly I slept throughout the night. At around 4 or 5am, some asshole decided to slam or throw something extremely heavy into the dumpster below my apartment block. I’m a light sleeper and can wake from most noise that wasn’t natural. I had to coax myself back to sleep after suffering from a high heart rate caused by fright.

Honestly, is it so hard for people to be considerate and that people are trying to sleep? Sigh…

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