Daily Log #131

At work, I tend to take on challenging, creative and technical tasks. And by that, I mean working on tasks that require me to do something I have not done before. Like implementing an image editor or work with new UI components to deliver a new capability. When I’m not doing that, I will be applying my attention to detail nature to the code, trying to make them all consistent.

But these days, I don’t really have the chance to work on new things anymore because of the upcoming production deployment and that the features are pretty much locked down. It’s now all about fixing bugs and getting the existing features working correctly. And one can only go so far when it comes fixing codes.

So I’m really bored as hell at work.

Then at home, I’m doing the same thing over and over again. Watch video. Read Medium. Sleep. Then sometimes I will find myself reading a book but I don’t go really far because I tend to fall asleep…

I know I definitely need a new dose of inspiration but not sure where I can find those anymore…short of me jumping out of an airplane or go traveling overseas.

And I know it’s my neurotic nature holding me back. My mind is constantly looking for threats even when there are none. So I’m constantly trying very hard to tone it down…

…The feeling of frustration just hit me…I just couldn’t form a coherent thought as to what I want to talk about. Thus the strikethroughs…

But…I’m just gonna put this piece of junk up for posterity.

2 thoughts on “Daily Log #131

  1. ❤ Maybe you'll feel more clear headed tomorrow. 🙂 I feel you! I was struggling this week to write much, but I think just putting it on the blog documents that you are indeed human. And being human is a wonderful thing even during the good and bad times.

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