Daily Log #132

I’m sure most people heard of the story of boy who cried wolf. First time, people believe you. Second time, people believe you. By the third time, well, you are on your own. That is what’s going on at work and has been for the last one year I’m there.

It has always been something along the following lines:

“We got a demo this Friday.”

“Management wants to see this next Tuesday.”

“We got a tender next week, need to get the system ready.”

Honestly, I have never been on any project that see so many disruption to the development process. When you combine that with a tight deadline, nothing done is ever good or better but it doesn’t stop the management from expecting a great implementation.

When you have gone through this so often, you kind of become jaded and hate your job. Also, you no longer feel driven to deliver anything anymore. I can’t say the same for the rest of my team but that’s definitely how I feel. And I suspect it’s what is weighing me down mentally, draining me of inspiration and many other things.

So I kind of figure out why I’m so tired or bored at work.

And you know what?

I’m expected to put my development work on hold again to do deployment for two kind of environments. So probably one full day of my working time is gone, split between Wednesday and Thursday. The best part is, the feature I’m working on requires me to spend approximately 40 hours, spanning over five days, maybe even six, to complete and the customer wants it next Tuesday. There is also a demo on Friday.


I’m definitely sick of this drudgery. And I’m pretty sure someone will come over and say, “this is a professional job. Suck it up and do it.”


Maybe someone will use my personal mission statement against me, “helping people live stress free.”

To that, I will say, “helping people live stress free” also include “me”.

Right now, I’m not stress free.

I will probably throw in the Maslow’s Hierarchy Of needs to document where I think I’m at right now. For posterity.

I’m at level 3 and I have rarely ever reach level 4, much less level 5.

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