Daily Log #133

I finally decided to publish the first chapter of the novel that I have been trying to finish since Feb of this year. It’s been sitting here in my computer, never seeing the light of the day for so many months that if I didn’t take any action, it probably will never be out there in the world.

Anyway, the novel is called The Tainted Forbidden Love. It’s about two teenage boys trying survive an alien invasion and navigating through their feelings. You can read the first chapter here. I also published it on Medium here.

The novel is set as part of a science fiction series called Intertwined Fate. I have plans for multiple books to be set in it. So I guess time will have to be made for those books to be written.

There is one truth that I will also admit. The novel isn’t complete. A story thread remains unclosed and I had planned to close the thread in Chapter 4. But I procrastinated for so long because I couldn’t find the right way to close it. My perfectionist trait reared its ugly head. And that’s just one excuse. The other was that I hadn’t really been putting in the effort. I was running away from it by drowning myself with video games and doing everything else but that.

So now that the first chapter is out, I will have to finish that scene no matter what and then proceed to editing that chapter. It’s to incentivize me to finish the novel.

I will also find the time to edit Chapter 2 and put it up soon.

And you know what?

I love what I wrote and proud that I could even write a decent length short novel but I just don’t feel that this work is anywhere good. In other words, I feel that none of my works are anywhere good.

You see, I have written a couple of science fiction short stories and they are on this blog. However, because of my lack of effort in “marketing” and “sales”, my stuff isn’t out there. So I’m not getting the feedback or comments necessary to improve.

But I won’t stop. Only by writing and publishing more do I get to improve.

Also, deep down, I acknowledge that because I’m not depending on writing to pay my bills, there’s this lack of incentive to do it good although I do enjoy writing.

Shit… You know what? I just realized a mistake I made in my novel…and I’m not sure if it’s a mistake…never mind, you as the reader will decide. I have already noted it down what I thought my mistake was for my own reference.

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