Winning is a matter of perspective

By traditional standard, winning something is about getting an award or a prize. It is the external proof or validation for the winner that he or she won whatever he participated in. To prove that he or she had put in the work.

What if winning is now a matter of perspective? It’s something that doesn’t require physical medals or official acknowledgement in the form of prizes.

What if you lost a competition but actually won in other ways? Let’s say you are running a race and you are about to win but you see someone on the verge of collapsing from heatstroke. You stopped to help the person to get medical attention and you lost the race. Yes, you didn’t win the race but you won by simply because you have the compassion and empathy for a fellow human being?

What if you have been battling depression all your life? Somedays you will be perfectly fine. Somedays, it’s like you find yourself drown in extreme hopelessness and everything seemed to be overwhelming. You feel like death is your only solution. Even so, you still show up to work and you sit your ass down at your desk. Then you read an email and managed to send a reply professionally. And you have the courage to tell people that you are suffering from depression instead of keeping it to yourself and needed time off. In that case, you didn’t lose. You won just because you showed up. There’s no prize for that but you didn’t let depression hold you back from living the life you want. A life that you desire.

So instead of thinking that you should be the first in everything or have more money than your friends, the Jonses, etc., why not think about the obstacles you have overcome and whether you have stayed true to yourself despite what life throws at you.

Let us start winning everyday.

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