Let go and move on

Throughout one’s life, depending on personality, there will be something that upset him or her. It can be easily boil down to either pet peeves, perfectionism or both.

And there’s nothing wrong with those since often times they are part of the person’s core. It’s what make each of us unique.

However, it’s never good for one’s health if he or she remains upset for the whole day over that one thing. Anger raise cortisol in your body and leads to inflammation. Not only that, it can ruin a potentially great day and be infectious.

As what people much more mature and smarter have said, it’s important for one to put things in perspective. Life is short and you only that one. There’s a possibility that you were never born should your parents never meet at the right time or right place. And now that you are here, you want to waste time being angry at trivial things? For every minute you spend in anger, you are saying no to the other great things that had or could happen.

And I’m not saying I won’t get angry. I’m only human and utterly flawed. But anger is an emotion. You are allowed to feel it. However, you should let it go as soon as possible. It was a lesson that I didn’t learn in time and allow myself to suffer needlessly over the years.

But it’s never too late.

Over the past few weeks, letting things go became a part of my life. Yes, it’s definitely a work in progress but I’m aware of how far I have come. Though I have this suspicion that it could be because I have grown apathetic when it comes to work.

I stopped being so uptight about how my colleagues write their codes. I have also become more nonchalant about mistakes made. We are only human. Mistakes happen. And that’s something that I have come to acknowledge.  The more important thing is how are you moving forward. And last Friday as well as today, my colleague keep pointing out the mistakes made in the design of a specific module and now we need to rework. And I went, “It’s done. Now let’s move on.”

And the power of letting go and moving on feels liberating. But one should be aware that he or she could slip up and fall back to old habits. So it’s important to be mindful of your feelings and constantly practice the new habits. By practicing letting go and moving on, your brain will soon default into that mode. Once that happen, everything will be easy. Then you will wonder why you didn’t do that in the past.

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