My unboxing of and initial thought about Nintendo Switch

As a gamer, I rarely consider Nintendo gaming platform at the forefront of my thought. Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation have always been the platform that I’ll go for because of the more mature, serious games that are available. Nintendo has built itself to be the family-oriented gaming company. The games running on its platform are generally playable by everyone.

And today, I went and get Nintendo Switch because of how I felt when I was spending the past few days, playing Command and Conquer: Rivals on my phone. I came to the realisation that I never quite like gaming on phones. Despite the power of iPhone X’s 5.8 inch OLED HDR display, I found it to be too small. And iPad as a portable gaming machine is too big. Hell, even the iPhone Xs Max is too small as a gaming machine. And no, I won’t even go into Android devices because I don’t like Android as a platform.

Before I start mentioning about my thoughts about the console, let me show you what I got.

Nintendo Switch on my bedroom floor.

I also bought the official Nintendo storage box for the Switch so that I can bring the console out safely in a bag.

And two games that I want to play for now. There are some other games that I’d like to play but there aren’t any stock.

Now let’s get down with basic unboxing.

When you first open up the box, you are greeted with the Joy-Con controller and the main device wrapped in plastic. When I bought the device, one of the shop staff helped me to install the screen protector. So the plastic wraps were undone. If it’s a new set and never been open before, you probably won’t get them in this state.

After taking off the plastic wraps, here are the Joy-con and Switch exposed.

Look at how adorable those Joy-Con. And definitely way better than Wii Remote.

Now, I didn’t go with the red and blue Joy-Con because I prefer a simplistic, one colour design. It’s the minimalistic mindset in me.

I didn’t take any more picture of the unboxing process. Instead, I dived in to grab the power cable.

After fitting the JoyCon onto the main display, holding it in my hands for the first time, it sure remind me of the original Sony PSP that I got at least ten years ago. It’s definitely feel just right. Not too big, not too small.

And I’m sorry Apple. Despite me being a fan of your products, the iPad with its fancy AR capabilities just don’t cut it for me. I prefer a specialised device with 2D dimensional display. If you spent the attention and money to making a pure gaming device, I’m sure you would outdo the competition.

But, I digress.

So after I pressed on the power button, I realise the battery was running a little low. Plugged in to the power socket it went. And I decided to charge it on my bed since I’m out of power sockets on my desk. While it was charging, I also updated the OS to the latest version.

And here is the device on my bed connected to the USB-C charging cable.

The 6.2 inch display at 1280×720, though not comparable to an iPhone display, it’s wide enough for me to enjoy games without me needing to put the device close to my face.

Also, the graphic and text didn’t look too blurry. You can make out the words on it just fine. It’s acceptable to me considering I play games on my Xbox and PS4 at 1080p instead of 4K.

The colours definitely didn’t look like it’s the best in the world but it’s also fine by me for a simple gaming device.

I have yet started gaming on it because I was spending my night writing this article and watching some anime on Netflix. So I don’t have any comments on the gaming aspect, the audio or how the controls feel.

And I decided to go back to do a quick unpack of the main stuff. Here are the charging grip and docking station.

About those two items, I doubt I will use them because it’s my intention to play my games on the go. If I want to play games on my TV, it probably means I want to do some serious gaming and I got my PS4 and Xbox for that.

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