Taking a writing break

Ever since I changed from doing journals on my blog to essays and articles last year November, I’m surprised that I actually could published something for two months (with breaks scattered in between). I’m aware that there were definitely bad days and there were good.

But I have reached a point where I’ve stopped active journaling offline because I’ve put all my eggs in one basket unconsciously. Now when there’s just nothing that can come to mind for me to share with you all, it’s making me miserable. This struggle to write and the thought that I’ve failed has started to eat away at my soul and affect my day job in ways that people have yet to pick up on. But I can see it becoming a snowball.

So for the sake of my own sanity, I’m gonna take a short break from writing non-fiction. For how long, I don’t know. The moment you see me posting multiple non-fiction within a week, it probably meant that I’m back in some form.

Last but not least, I will still attempt to finish Murderous House. Part 3 is currently in writing mode and I hope to get it out before the Lunar Chinese New Year.

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