The curious case of missing motivation

In order for us as humans to do many of the things in life, we need to have the motivation to do them. It is mostly generated by our desire to improve our lives, to help others or to achieve something. It is also a form of energy source, so to speak. Without it, we are just directionless in life.

However, there are times when it is just not available for you to draw upon.

In my case, I really want to create something. I want to write. I want to code. However, I keep finding myself in the situation where even after opening up the text editor or code editor, I just stared at it. For minutes. For hours. And instead of crying at the blank canvas, I didn’t wallow in self-pity. I forced myself to write something. A line of code. A sentence. It doesn’t matter.

As soon as I start, it’s gone. The motivation to continue is just gone. Self-loathing sets in. Before long, I find myself back at Netflix, staring at the vast catalogue of shows to watch, only to find myself giving up at the thought of picking something to watch.

Best part is, despite all the talks and conversation I have had with my friends, I still can’t get the drive to do anything. Initially I will feel very inspired and want to achieve something. The next minute, I’m already running on empty.

It’s frustrating. And I’m not quite sure what’s going on either.

But one mustn’t give up. The ability to continue to do what you need to be doing despite running on empty demonstrate your grit ability. And I need to find out the root cause for this leakage.

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