To a new chapter

It has been a while since I updated my personal blog. The last post was about my new blog on technology and technical content.

All my other blogs, including my Medium account, has seen nearly zero content. It is not because I have stopped writing. Rather, I have been focused on recovering from depression, reorientate myself and finding my passion for engineering again, specifically programming. Then I went about seeking new job opportunities, going for multiple interviews and trying to secure a job offer. It had been a challenging two months for me as I had to deal with one rejection after another.

All the interviews that I have been to and failed to secure a job offer have been blessings in disguise. I grew more confident with each one and was able to be myself even though I had some trouble answering some of the questions. But I did my best to demonstrate a good attitude and work ethic. I also did my best to show that I’m more than willing to share ideas and exchange insights.

The interviews gave me the chance to see what the market needs. As a result, I fully recognise that I do have a lot of gaps in my skillset and I’m more than willing to plug those gaps. I want to grow and be better.

And I am aware that I’m not growing in any meaningful way at my current employment. I also don’t want to deal with a toxic management that constantly make you feel worthless. I have my own psychological issues I need to work on, so I don’t need people to add salt to my pre-existing wounds. I also don’t want to be made obsolete so soon, especially in the tech industry.

Ultimately, I made it to a company that has an insane statistics in terms of how many people are selected for the final round and given an offer. You can count the number of people who are selected with your hands and maybe feet. And I passed it and secured an offer. I accepted it without second thought.

Right now, I’m really excited about starting my new role at this company next year. It was a love at first sight and I am fully aware there will be a hell lots of growing pain. I have to be ready to take them on since it is a place that I want to be at to grow and contribute.

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