About Me

My name is Brandon or Bran (the short form).

I am an introvert, highly-sensitive person (HSP), a multipotentialite and a minimalist.

I have  computer science degree and work as a software engineer. My primary programming languages are Java and C#. There are other languages such as C/C++ and Python that I worked with before in school for my projects.

My non-work interests range from the sciences, western culture and history, health, and technology. I’ll be reading science-fiction novels, playing video games, watching videos, hunting for Japanese food, and hanging out with friends during my free time.

I write both fiction and non-fiction. For fiction, my preference is science and speculative fiction genre. For non-fiction, I cover my own journey in life, the random thoughts and opinions that I have, tech and science news, and reviews of different sorts.

I am also learning about and practicing software product design, user experience, and technical writing.

I’m an Apple fan and own at least one product from each category.

Lastly, I have two other blogs that I created intended for environmental-related topics and technology-related topics. The reason being that my current blog is too cluttered with a bunch of stuff and lacks the focus.