Journal #147 – Impromptu Interview (Personal Values)

Today I will be interviewing a friend who I shall name B. This is an impromptu, un-themed interview. This is just me trying something new.

What we will be discussing today are his personal values.

Me: What do you think are your foundational values?

B: Being open minded. It is important in this complex and diverse world. If you are not open mind to new knowledge and people, you won’t be growing as a person.

Me: Then what about your core values?

B: Well, the first core value is Integrity. This is something that you should live by so that you are able to face your family, friends, and yourself. For example, you won’t want to take credit for your friend’s work if he works with you.

The second core value is being honest with self. This is about recognizing one’s strength and especially weaknesses. You can think of it as a form of self-discovery. That way you are able to work on what you are good at and figure out solutions to what you are bad at.

Me: Any more?

B: No idea. I’m quite exhausted.23

Here I conclude my journal for today.