Poem – End Human

Another day gone,
Comes another Day.
Humans Beings,
scurry across the streets,
Goes to work, to school.
Impervious to their surroundings,
Humans continued their pathetic lives.
Construction works continues,
Environmental destruction ensued.
Environment destroyed due to greed,
Thus Humans seeking own extermination.

When humans will stop?
Till the oncoming of doomsday,
or is it till the end of time?
Will nature lashed out, dishing
unforgiving punishments?
Seek to protect, save own skin,
Humans don’t do.
Humans understand not what’s life.

Black clouds from the pipes,
deadly gases consumed surrounding,
damage to environment is doubling.
Will human stop?
Human don’t know what’s stop.
Knowing only destruction,
immature fightings,
Humans don’t stop.

Green goo into the hydrid
of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
Black gold into the ocean,
Resources depleted.
Human continued their senseless doing,
Seeking their own extinction,
I agree.
Love, care, compassion?
Humans know nothing.
Love no oceans, love no trees,
Destruction continues.

Killings, bombings, fire, destruction,
These few words are what humans know.
They seek no peace, they seek war.
Why? you ask. There’s no answer.
I agree fully, extermination of human,
is a must.

P.S.: I wrote this poem when I just turned 18. I found it in one of my archive folder and thought why not post it in its raw form.

Poem – Internet Friend

Young, that we were,
innocent, that we were,
and different lives, we lived.
The common thread binding us,
the Internet.

Internet, a vast digital network,
connects all of us, like vessels
in our bodies.
Data, like bloods cells,
carries life giving knowledge.

Using data as our servants,
transmit our thoughts
and individuality.
Each other we find,
forming thread within thread.

Day by day,
thread became rope,
rope became chains.
Chains became gravity,
We fell in love,
with each other.

Poem – Off

I flipped the switch, lights off.
Out on the street, I see someone ugly,
I turned off, into a dark alleyway
where the lights are off.

I strolled along and felt off. A punch,
a kick, I’m down. People run off
with my things, only to be put off
by red and blue lights.

The attack, I shrugged off.
I made it home, my clothes came off.
In the shower, dirt and blood came off.
My love join me in the showers,
made me go off, then the lights went off.


It’s definitely my off day.

Poem – Blank

It’s white as flour with a blinking bar
staring at you waiting for the first command.
You return the favor by staring back,
eyes squinting like bird looking for food,
fingers hovering above the buttons waiting.

Tick tock, tick tock, the hands move
signaling time flows like a river,
oblivious to obstacles in its path.
Tension rises with sweat dripping,
like you have just ran a marathon,
blood boiling like lava waiting to burst.

Still nothing, canvas remain white as flour.
Over the edge you went, screaming as the ground
rushes to embrace like a long lost child.
The world is now dark like black hole,
you feel nothing because you are as blank
as that white canvas.

Poem – Crushes

I see you hanging by the corner,
with your friends, laughing away.
Those pearly white teeth shine
brightly in the afternoon sun.

That cute face,
those pretty brown eyes,
sent shivers down my spine,
makes my heart jump.

Day by day I watched from afar,
feeling joy every time I see you,
hear you laugh and talk.
Yet I know it’s never meant to be.

Society won’t accept it,
parents won’t accept it,
I can’t accept it.
I’m not ready to go further.

With a heavy heart,
I let you go from my mind,
trying hard forgetting those
feelings I had with each passing day.

Poem – Dejected

Lightbulbs light
In my head, excited
By sharing prospect.
Sharing is life,
Is care, is learning.
When you share, less
depressed you become.

Mouth open, words out,
Spoken and written.
Responses received.
Returned words turned
knives, They stab,
they slash, slip on
Blood everywhere.

Dejected. Once.

More output, more content
To share. So many more
to come, excited by
prospect. Then a quick view
Of graphs, charts, tables.

I see the numbers,
They don’t enter puberty.
Changes nobody sees because
Nobody clicks, nobody reads.
What have I done wrong?
Thoughts run wild,
Became knives.

They stab, they slash,
It all hurts. They say
sharing is life, is care,
is learning. Yet exsanguinated
Is all I am.

Dejected. Twice.

Knows self, knows direction,
Wants change. Told others,
People on the throne,
Of change desired. Quick
AcKnowledgement, life goes
On. Time flies with no
recall. No change, things
stayed the same.

Why? Ask self. Did I
Do wrong again? They say
Speaking up is good for
Quality of life. Yet
What’s this? Ignored. No

Dejected. Thrice.

Conclusion simple,
Life is dejection
And about rejection.
Deject life.

Poem – I’m Everywhere

I wake to brand new day,

to the sound of calls,

calls by birds so free.

The sun bright white,

the sky baby blue,

the air so fresh,

it makes me happy.


I walk, talk, listen, and see,

absorbing things like a sponge.

A simple sight, a novelty,

inspiration awash.

I create to share an idea,

a thought, to inspire,

to make you happy.


A feeling, a desire, a goal,

I listen and move, because

It’s all about learning.

I’m not an expert,

I’m everywhere and nowhere.

People judge because they are insecure,

but I’m proud of who I am,

for I am unique.

Poem – Developer Life

This attempt of creating poem about being a software developer will replace my journal for today.

Comes the night,
out goes finger,
a press of button.
A beep,
turns of blades,
room turned as cool as arctic.
You dropped dead on bed,
wishing it’s fact.

Night’s dead,
killed by the sun.
Wake up son,
Went the alarm.
Up he rises,
off the bed he rolls,
gave the alarm the blows.

walked out a zombie,
looking for his breakfast,
made it instant fast.
Sat down,
have it slow,
thinking about woe.
Dropped into the hole.

Off to work,
dealing with droves of people,
all of whom squeezers.
Off the train,
to the coffee shop,
out with coffee in hand.

Down by the desk,
faced wall of text,
requiring fingers full of dex,
to churn out more text.
You think you are mack,
give you the smack,
now you feel like crap.

Squash squash,
death to them ,
never seem to end.
You try again,
hope to gain,
some confidence but never quite back.

Time disappear,
sun gone for the day,
no yay.
Home you go,
back to the start you go,

Poem – Growing Up

A spark beginning of life.

Nine laborious months later,

Eyes opened

Seeing world for first time,

breathed unfiltered air.

The first cry telling the world

he exists.


With years past,

tiny human to big human.

First quadrupedal then bipedal

with beginner fumble,

black and blue everywhere,

yet never stopping.


Roaming about brain sponge-like.

Opinions and facts,

some prejudice-tinted

some societal constraints,

perspectives shaped.

Birth of thoughts

how the world should be,

individuality arose.


A series of chemical reaction,

a whole world of embarrassment

Blemished skins

Black curly keratin sprouting,

Pitchy voices bringing laughters,

Uncontrolled wild ideas

rampaging through the mind,

random construction of tents,

face red like tomatoes.


Clothes no longer fit,

styles constantly changing.

Constantly seeking, fitting.

When will it end?

Asked no further,

for it to stop abrupt.

Now no longer a child,

forever responsible for all things,

until your foot is in a box,

six feet under.