Daily Log #45

I didn’t get to write my journal yesterday because of two reasons.

One, I came home pretty late from work, having to put in some overtime to get something done. It wore me out and only made me feel shittier.

Two, my back and neck pain came back with a vengeance and made me feeling sick. I didn’t even eat any dinner and vomited once from nausea.

The best part was, no matter how bad my back and neck pain got, I didn’t feel giddy and nausea till the point where I lost my appetite and even vomited. That’s new to me and I suspect it got to do with the new kind of stress I’m facing at work. It’s subtle but it’s there.

So I went to see the doctor. The doctor prescribed me some medicines to ease the pain, to relax the muscles and prevent spasms, to reduce giddiness and nausea as well as something for blood circulation. I also got a medical certificate to indicate that I’m unwell for work for today (25 April).

There were only five things I did primarily today. Sleep, more sleep, games, movie and writing. I tried to do some codes for my freelance work but my mind just wasn’t working.

Well, I don’t know if I will feel better tomorrow but I do know now that my body is so sensitive that stress at work will actually trigger physical response in my body and make me sick. Must be the inflammation running wild.

That means I got to be careful and be better at managing stress at work and everywhere in my life. I really don’t want a major breakdown or put myself in a hospital from some kind of severe reaction. And I have to consider my age as well. I’m no longer the young chap and could work late hours.

Hmmm…somehow I think my daily log today is not the best, and maybe not the most coherent. My mind just isn’t working well right now as I just took some medications.

I better go sleep.

Daily Log #44

My daily log is definitely overdue as I didn’t write any over the weekend. So now I will recap what happened over the weekends before going on to what happened today. It’s all for the sake of my sanity because right now, I’m having trouble focusing because of what happened at work today.


There are two highlights for my Saturday. The first was me spending time doing freelance work. My client contacted me about record locking issue raised by the users.

Previously, I implemented some sort of record locking mechanism to ensure that no two users can work on the same record. It was because the application is predominantly a thick-client application with SQL server as the backend. All transactions that happen are seen as atomic per application instance. That means the database records can easily be corrupted by concurrent users. And I didn’t go with the route of using stored procedures or database-level transaction because they are not visible to me most of the time and difficult to debug.

So after some troubleshooting and back and forth with the client, I decided to implement some kind of session management that will enable the releasing of locks when the user logs out of a specific application instance. The client agree with the suggestion and so I will be implementing that. Well, one reason for that was because each user will open up two or more instances of the same application on their computer to do their work. That will translate into a higher chance of encountering a record lock issue. And right now, the users will keep calling their IT department to release the lock via SQL. It’s just not acceptable for them. It’s also not acceptable for me.

Later in the afternoon, I went for what is known as the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT). For those who didn’t know, Singapore has conscription. In addition to serving in the military for two years and going back for additional trainings after that, all able-bodied males in Singapore has to go for an annual physical fitness test and pass it until one is release from service. So it was my turn this year and I went to take it.

Well, I manage to pass it but didn’t get the scores I wanted. Just three more points, I would have gotten $200. My only excuse was that I didn’t train for my sit-ups. My arms also decided to give way after 25 pushups and I couldn’t complete 2.4 kilometers under 13:30 minutes.

So I will have to try it next year.


The morning of my Sunday, I spent most of it playing games, specifically Ghost Recon Wildlands. I managed to complete a few missions and then came upon a side story. Now, because I have never check out the game in the form of reviews or news update, I didn’t know what to expect until I actually encounter the enemy. I was genuinely surprise to see that Ubisoft decided to put in Predator into the game. The sound effects, the dense forest in which the side story is set just me remind me so much of the original Predator movie. However, the only problem was the Predator is a bullet sponge. I keep dying no matter what I do and even after firing countless grenades from my grenade launcher, that thing refuses to die. So I gave up and decided to go for a nap.

And my back and neck pain decided to act up again.

After the nap, I had lunch at around 4pm. Yeah, I know it’s late. Then I got down to do code refactoring and lay down the foundation for the session management for my client’s application.

Later at night, I spent some time writing this article.


Last week, I managed to re-inspire myself to work again but the inspiration gradually disappear by Friday. Over the course of the week, my inspiration keep falling because I was constantly feeling flustered by the constant last minute activities at work.

And the biggest frustration I face is that nobody even understand what’s like to be a HSP. All they can tell me is: “please work harder,” or “manage yourself,” etc.

It does get me down. There are times when I actually wonder am I even cut out for software development or any other jobs for that matter. I just have this feeling that one day, I may just have a breakdown, quit on the spot and leave the tech industry for good. So far, I haven’t because it’s the one thing I know how to do that give me a paycheck. My writing doesn’t pay me shit. Not one dime. But here I am still writing (even if it’s a bloody journal) because it’s what I enjoy.

Anyway, there was a major development at work recently.

The customer is demanding for faster turn around time for some of the features because to them, it’s been one year already and the application is still not ready for live use. However, our team is so understaffed that all of us have to do double the work just to fulfill this faster turn around time.

As of the meeting today that my colleague and I had with the senior manager was that they want some of the features on some power point slides out in two weeks time, properly tested and functional.

After she said that, I can feel it in my bones. The anxiety rose and I tried to suppressed it as much as I can.

Well, she did try to give us the big picture and want us onboard. I appreciate her effort and understand where she’s coming from. The project is important to her and to the company.

Look, I’m all for delivering what the customer wants. Even in my freelance work, I also can’t accept that users of the application I build is suffering from bugs and other major issues. I want their lives to be stress free too. This is where I deploy my attention to detail but I can only do it for one thing at a time.

And she want us to put in extra effort to deliver what the customer wants and said that it’s good for us because of more exposure and experience. Then she added that with more experience and exposure, we can go up the ladder.

However, I for one have no intention of climbing up the corporate ladder to be some kind of manager. I don’t mind being some kind of expert for some stuff and I don’t mind more exposure but I don’t want to be the one to lead a team and absorb all kind of toxins the job title entails. Also, even if it’s more exposure, it has to be on my own term. My mind and body must be ready to accept it. Another thing is I really prefer to focus on one task at one time and not get called around to do 101 things.

At the end of the day, my health and sanity is more important. Let someone who has that desire and drive to lead to be at the top. I can’t reiterate that enough.

There is another way that I can put it.

It is to the company’s benefit that me, as an employee, is healthy and happy working. I can be more productive and help the company in many way. You also reduce your chance of needing to find a replacement. Unless, well, you don’t want this highly-sensitive engineer who is pretty conscientious, can play nice with teammates, and is able to pay attention to details in your company at all.

And then, she just had to add this comment during the meeting: “My team all very hard working and do overtime. They say you didn’t do overtime… not that I say you don’t work hard.”

And I can pick up on tones. I’m just pretty sensitive to that… so I know she meant that.

It definitely ruffled my feathers.

So…I am supposed to work overtime constantly? Until 12 am too? And if I’m more effective, don’t need so longer hours to do my job, it means I didn’t work hard enough?

My other question is: Are you also using working overtime to compare me with another person on the team? Just because I don’t, I’m not good enough of an employee?

Well, before I can regain my composure, my team lead decided to call me and ask me to prepare a development laptop, download the latest source code, so that I can bring it to the customer’s office tomorrow. At 5pm… Luckily I didn’t have  a meltdown. Managed to keep my emotions in check. And earlier in the day, just before he made his way to the customer’s office, he told us to rush and develop one of the features the customer one and it was the same feature that the senior manager later reiterate during the meeting. So I was rushing to do that too.

I went home at 6.30pm just to finish preparing that laptop, still feeling very pissed off. Right now, I just feel like bashing up some stuff…

Even after watching some comedy show at night on Netflix (yes, I had hope to clear the toxin from my mind), I still feel flustered.

Then I go another text message asking me to go to the customer’s office even earlier. Taking into account the travel time, it means I need to wake up thirty minutes earlier… making me feeling even worse.

Daily Log #43

Time flew by me so fast that I didn’t know what happened. I arrived in office, chat with colleagues, clear some emails and did some work. Then it was already 12pm and it was time for lunch.

After lunch, my colleagues and I went to NTUC Fairprice supermarket to get soy milk and a box of strawberry. Then we stopped by a fruit store to get more fruits. I got myself a rock melon. Once we are back in office, we proceeded to eat the strawberries and the fruits we bought.

I won’t say the strawberries are especially nice to eat. It’s quite hard and somewhat sour. Rock melon on the other hand is sweet with a soft middle and hard bottom. I quite like it.

Later in the afternoon, I have a performance review with my supervisor and division manager.

The review started off with the division manager going on and on about future plans, what’s going on and the expectations. Then we went through the things I have done and thus far it has been a good review. What they want to see next is me taking on more workload. Deep down, I find myself struggling. I didn’t really want it because I prefer to be un-busy and lead a simple life. At the same time, pushing away opportunities is stupid. I did after all complain about being bored with programming.

But the reason is really simple. I am not sure if I can get an optimal balance between my professional life, my health, my relaxation (video games, reading novels) and my side hustle, which is writing, as my workload increases. And I will get pretty upset.

I also cannot use my highly-sensitive nature as an excuse not to do anything. Instead, it would be better to show that I have grown if I use it to my advantage to do the following: “Whatever I do is to help people live stress free.”

If you don’t know what I mean by being highly-sensitive, please check this link out. It will explain everything.

And you know what, I got a short term goals…ok… more like two:

  1. Publish a book before I reach 33.
  2. Take a mini-retirement at 32.

A quick review of what I’m doing now, I think I may not be ready to fulfill those two goals…we will see how it goes. But I should also remember that the only person I want to answer to is my 80 or maybe 90 year old self. Not my parents. Not my friends. Not my relatives or my bosses.

Of course during the review that lasted more than an hour, they asked for my feedback. At first I struggled because I didn’t know what I want to say. Then I finally settled down on my direction that I want to go. So I stated that I would prefer to do design, focusing on UI and user experience. The division manager did say it’s a good thing that I want to branch out. Well, yeah, I prefer to be a generalist and I’m looking at Leonardo Da Vinci. My colleague later also use Da Vinci as a reference saying that that guy did over his lifetime being somewhat of an expert in almost everything.

However, the manager also said that I should go deeper into the application security, specifically the identity access and authorization. I still quite like that field and I do know stuff about it my current colleagues don’t but I still kind of remember the traumatic experience I had from my previous job. And that job deals with identity and access management. Hmm… I shall see if I can get over it.

Anyway, the manager also say that the identity access and authorization module that I built can be reused for another project and they are looking at putting me in that project. I had the foresight of building it as a micro-service within the existing application. Well, more like I already knew it would happen. So with that, I could easily pull out the parts and then reassemble them.

My product development mind kept churning also. I don’t want to manually onboard users into my identity access management module. So to reduce my workload, I have already thought of a few features to implement. For example, bulk upload of users using a file prepared prior. Then there’s also the workflow idea to implement.

Whatever I do is to help people live stress free.

That also include myself. I have to help myself live stress free.

Later in the afternoon, close to 6pm, I went and do some quick enhancement of the user interface and call it a day.

Daily Log #42

I met up with my colleagues at the customer’s office in the morning. After a quick breakfast, we went up to the datacenter where we got down to work of deploying the application and update the database. We were able to get the core server application up and running and the database updated by lunch time.

For lunch, we went to Chinatown. My colleagues each had a plate of rice and a plate of stir-fried dish of beancurd, meat with chopped long beans. For me, I went with ordering food from a store that sells Hokkien Ngoh Hiang and stir-fried rice vermicelli. I can’t really describe what I eat in words and so I will have to use video.

If you are wondering about the English, well, it’s Singapore English, also known as Singlish. Most of us speak like that. I think you can find Youtube videos about Singlish, so I won’t talk about it here.

Personally, I have always like to eat Ngo Hiang. It is I would say the Hokkien version of fast food. If I see such store anywhere, I will definitely order something from it. However, as the ingredients that make up Ngo Hiang are deep fried, it’s not healthy to eat it everyday—just like fast food.

Now, from the video, and from what I am seeing, these traditional food are actually disappearing from Singapore with the rise of other food cuisines from all over the world. I do feel sad about it. And younger generation of Singaporeans don’t even know what’s some of these traditional foods. I suspect all they know are Japanese food, Korean food and Chinese (mainland China) food.

Ok, enough of my rambling about Singapore food scene.

After lunch, we went back to work. But before that, the job agent called me again because I did have some questions to ask. It was mainly about the people there, company culture and working hours. I didn’t want to be put in another situation where I have to sacrifice my health to do something as it is just not worthwhile, no matter the amount of money.

Anyway, even after the call was over, we still corresponded via WhatsApp. I communicated that no matter what I do, it’s all about helping other people live stress free. And my primary way of doing it is through writing. This message is really more for me, to remind myself why I am doing what I’m doing. Such things then to slip my mind whenever I deal with stress. My only hope is that it’s a two way street—I use my skill to help people live stress free while others help make me live stress free with their skills.

At around 5.50pm, we call it a day having achieve quite a lot. The application was deployed and tested to be working. On a personal level, the job agent decided to represent me and send my profile to the company doing the hiring.

During my journey to work and back home, I managed to cover nearly fifty pages of The Shining. Thus far, I really enjoy the story despite it being written in the 70s. It’s still relevant now because it’s a horror story. Unlike science fiction, it’s one of those that can withstand time because fear is something primordial in all of us.

Ok, that’s all for today. I will use whatever time I have left to put in some words for my novel.

Daily Log #41


The morning at work was spent on synchronizing with the whole team on what to do tomorrow for the deployment, which I mentioned previously. After that discussion, my colleague XX, team lead, and I will be going tomorrow to do it. Another colleague YL and the intern will remain in office to do their work.

During lunch, YL, the intern and I went to have our lunch separately from the other colleagues because we wanted to go to the Giant supermarket to get some stuff. There’s also another reason why. The intern and I didn’t want to join the rest to eat because of where they are going, which is a coffeeshop under one of the HDB building behind our company. That coffeeshop for us didn’t really have enough choices and the food although cheap didn’t have the kind of food we want to eat. For those other colleagues, well, they are ok with it because they always eat the same stuff over and over again.

After the lunch and a good nap (was very sleepy from too much rice and fruits), I went about to do some 35 pushups in office and 10 tricep dips. Then I did pushup with my knuckles and also tried diamond pushups. I found myself pretty tired but good after a quick rest. It actually made me more alert but it doesn’t mean that I translate it to doing work.

Job Hunt

A job agent contacted me via LinkedIn two days ago about a possible Technical Writing position with a startup. I only responded today indicating that I’m interested. Then I gave her my number and mentioned I’m only available for a chat after 2pm.

I waited until about 3pm when I got the call and we chatted for about an hour or so (I think) about what am I doing and looking for. Then I also shared what’s my current pay and notice period. Next, she also asked about some of the jobs and projects I did.

It turns out the conversation was also a way for the agent to gauge if I am able to simplify technical concepts. It is a skill that’s important if you want to be a technical writer.

Later, I sent her my email address and got the job description. After reading it, there were some of the requirements that made me doubt myself or don’t feel comfortable with. Maybe tomorrow I will clarify some stuff with her so that I know what I am getting myself into. She also asked me to send her my CV by tonight, which I will do later.

Making my blog more “professional”

I also did something to my blog on WordPress by upgrading it to a Personal Plan. The reason being I wanted my blog to be more professional with a nicer looking domain name. With the Personal Plan, I get to apply for a custom domain name which I promptly did. I went with “wordsfromtubulenthill.com” and it will take up to 72 hours for the domain name to stabilize.

The reason for that choice came from both my name and emotional state. My mental state is that of a turbulent kind, very moody and not very assertive. A part of my name, Brandon, also meant hill in Old English and I like that. The remaining part of the domain name is self-explanatory.

Daily Log #40

While I was getting my daily Starbucks drink, the manager at the counter asked me how many times I get drinks from Starbucks per day. I told her one. Then she asked if I drink it every day including weekends. I told her no. The reason she’s asking was because I’m always at the store just before I make my way to office and most of the time, she’s at work too.

There were a few staffs who recognize me because of my frequent patronage. When I didn’t go there on a particular day, they will ask where I go the next time I visit. Because of this, I do feel bad not going and get something. But I also have to be aware of how much money I’m actually spending there and the occasional deprivation is important so that the mind doesn’t become truly addicted.

At work, I focus on doing a bunch of refactoring and renaming of existing classes and functions because I want to adhere to using domain-specific or user-specific terminology language. A big part of that want comes from the desire to express my codes correctly so that there are no confusion between what the user want and what is implemented. My colleagues, well, they are still stuck with the mindset of letting whatever that is in the external system leak into our current application. There may not be any problems in the short term but in the long term, when it comes to maintenance, it will be a nightmare for future teammates because of the disconnect. There will be confusions…


It just dawn on me that there is a basis to this aversion to letting the concepts, naming, or values from an external system leak into our current application. That basis is authenticity and self-identity. These two are something that I value a lot. Letting the concepts from another system enter into the our application is like you as a person let another person define who you are.

For example, if another person say you are tall, you accept that and make yourself tall. Then so if another person call you ugly, you accept that and make yourself ugly?

I don’t believe anyone would do that right?

This is erosion of self. And in some case, it’s just impossible. If you are short, you can’t make yourself tall. It’s confusing to other people who are looking at you. They won’t understand why you are making yourself into something you are not.

So if you don’t do such a thing to yourself, why do you make the application you develop become something it is not and use values or data that doesn’t belong in its core domain?

Where is that adapter?

What is that translator?

This is why my codes now are being refactored to rely on those things I mentioned. Every class files that I have created are put into their proper folders with a certain structure. Functions and variables are properly named. I just cannot tolerate the lost of identity, meaning and context within a given application built for a specific purpose.

For example, if it is an accounting application, the terms (be it function name, variable name, etc) has to be related to the actions or operation founds in accounting.

In the case of my colleagues, since they don’t really want to follow and the team lead didn’t enforce, I will just leave their stuff alone. At the end of the day, from management’s perspective, as long as something works, who cares about code style. At least that’s my view of people in management, especially those higher than project managers.

After work, I went home, had a quick shower and joined my mom and sister for dinner.

An hour after dinner, I decided to go for a run because it’s time for me to stop finding excuses not to run on a weekday. Previously (six months ago to be precise), I put a run schedule in my calendar for every Tuesday at 9 PM but I always ignored it because there was always something else to do: Netflix, Writing, and more Netflix. I’m rather disappoint with myself for lacking that discipline.

Anyway, the good thing about running at night is it’s cooler and there are less people on the street. That also mean lesser chance of encountering smokers walking around.

Second hand smoke is already bad for health, and especially so if one is running as you will be taking in bigger breaths. Despite the statistics of 1 non-smoker dying from smoke-related illness like lung cancer, the government isn’t doing anything about it. At least not in a meaningful way that will reduce 1 to 0. I personally believe it has to do with the tax collected from cigarette sales because it’s the only thing that’s more important than health. That’s also what my friends have been saying too: There’s a lot of tax to collect from cigarettes, the government won’t ban it outright. So until I’m shown otherwise, I’m sticking to this view.

After the run, I had another shower again.

Then I got down to write this log. Along the way, hunger struck and had to make myself a cup of oats.

Hmm… it’s already 11.20pm and I hadn’t really put in any new words for my novel. Anyway, I’m tired too so I will sleep early and wake up earlier.

Daily Log #39

I know there hadn’t been much effort being put into writing my Daily Log as of late. It is obvious because there aren’t much detailed break down of my emotions or how I think. I believe most of my readers can see it. In some cases, the Daily Log was just a collection of what happened in a matter-of-fact style.

There aren’t any excuses except for the fact that I’m just not feeling it. I haven’t been feeling much of anything when it comes to writing. I believe a big part of it stems from me feeling stagnant with my writing, just like how I felt with my programming. I don’t feel like I’m growing any more as I haven’t been getting enough feedback for my work. Without constructive feedback, I’m just not learning anything new.

Of course, I know there is a way out and that means getting out of my comfort zone. And what’s that way out? Be part of a publication. I believe that when you are part of a publication, you will feel oblige to uphold the standards of that publication and put out quality content that are relevant and focused. Right now, my writing is all over the place because it comes from inside, generally how I feel about things. Being part of a publication also means you will get a chance to learn from other writers in the same publication.

Now, I do have friends reading my writings but I can’t really take their feedbacks or comments on how to write, what kind of content to put out or how to market ourselves, etc. They are not doing what I’m doing. The only feedbacks I could listen are related to grammar and sentence structure. From where I sit, they are not writers who have published stuff and made money out of it.

Or in Stephen King’s words, “If you wrote something for which someone sent you a check, if you cashed the check and it didn’t bounce, and if you then paid the light bill with the money, I consider you talented.”

And I’m not saying I’m good either. I know most of my writing are shit.

Anyway, I will stop the rant there.

Most of my day at work was actually spent in meetings to understand the next phase of the project and what to do for the next two weeks. For this week, there will be an upcoming deployment of the application and this deployment will contain what we have done over the last two months. Thus far, we have done whatever testing we need to do and hasn’t really found any major issues. So it will now be up to the user to find out further issues. Then the next week would be spent on continue development of new features and functionality.

Because of my recent pivot towards software design as part of the process to re-inspire myself at work, I found myself asking questions during the meetings that challenges our current design and reminding everyone we haven’t been catering for future needs. Some of the questions also remind everyone about that we aren’t building enough features because I’m coming from the perspective of user, not engineer or programmer. At least I like to think that I am doing it right. So far, it has been a great feeling. I just hope that any attempts from my colleagues to disregard my opinions and views won’t affect my mental state again.

So I will continue do what I think I do best and go from there. There will be times when I stumble hard and feel like crap. Mistakes will surely be made. And that’s how one can learn from it. I am aware that there is also a need to read even more and learn even more to augment my existing knowledge.

And I mustn’t forget that my core is writing and everything else that I do is to support or augment that passion.

On the topic of writing, I managed to put in another 768 new words for my novel. During the writing process, there was this lack of motivation and uninspired feeling overwhelming me. I did expended quite a fair bit of effort to push myself through. If not, I doubt there will be even a single new word for my novel.

Lastly, as soon as I’m done with writing chapter 3, I will put up a quick synopsis of the novel. I will probably spend the next two months finishing the book and that’s including editing before I publish it here. I still deciding if I should get someone to do up the cover art.

Daily Log #38

I read a few pages of The Shining before making my way to the mall where I met up with a friend for breakfast at Ya Kun Cafe before heading up for a movie. Now earlier on, right after I woke up, I actually had cereal and milk in order to stave off any possible hunger. For the movie, we watched Rampage.

I did enjoy the movie for it being a mindless action show. There were some funny scenes involving the Gorilla and the main character, Davis Okoye, starred by Dwayne Johnson that I found funny. In terms of story, I didn’t think too much of it because it’s an action movie. And I do appreciate the character development as well as the relationship between the characters for being not too rushed or non-existent like some show. Dark Tower specifically comes to mind.

After that we had lunch and shopped around the mall to get some toiletries and household products like detergents.

Once home, I spent sometime to draft out the this article titled Social Media – Don’t need it for news, you are only making yourself stupid before going out for a quick run. After running 3.2 kilometers and ending it with climbing up eight stories, I had a shower and went to finish up that article.

I did spend most of my late afternoon and early evening reading up articles from Halo wiki. Some of my fictional inspiration comes from it. Personally, I like that franchise quite a fair bit because of its expansive universe and science fiction genre but because it was primarily a Xbox-oriented franchise, I didn’t really play all the games. The only Halo title that I have is Halo 4, which I played and completed.

I hope the game developer actually remaster all the games for PC release so that I don’t need to get a Xbox One. Part of me felt that it won’t be minimalistic on my part if I get a brand new game console just to play a few game titles and then put it aside.

After all, look at my current collection of game consoles. I have a PS4 and PS3 there are all sitting there collecting dust as I don’t really play them. One of the reason was there aren’t any titles that I want to play and the second was lack of time. Even when I manage to find time to play, I had to be really intentional about which titles I buy.

Most of the night was spent on continuing from where I left off for my novel which was the second or third last scene (I haven’t decided yet) for Chapter 3. I put in about a thousand new words and a fifth of that came from me rewriting portions of the same scene to expand further on the descriptions and actions. I admit I’m feeling a little dry on motivation. I just don’t have that initial drive that I had when I was rushing to finish the first two chapters. The ideas aren’t flowing in.

I guess it’s a mistake on my part for not planning out what I want to write especially for the end. I only had a vague conclusion and that was it. I didn’t really have an idea about what to do in the middle-end portion—the part of the story at 75% to 95% mark.

So I will need to spend some more time thinking about it and plan it out.

Daily Log #37

Today is gaming day. Games played are Surviving Mars and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The latter being the primary game I played whole day. At the end, I still like shooting things up and it’s more simple to play. Surviving Mars require too much brain power due to its need to micromanage stuff. It’s much worse than cities skylines really.

Heavy rain through the afternoon and I decided to take a nap because of back and shoulder pain again. Did some exercise to ease the pain. The nap helps too.

The only thing notable happened at home was a burst pipe but I actually didn’t know until my mom came home and wanted to use the toilet. I was still napping.

Lunch was just a pork meat bun and a bowl of grapes.

At night, my family and I had dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe at Joo Koo bus interchange.

Daily Log #36

I re-inspired myself at work again.

The project I’m working on has a structure that I completely disagree with and just couldn’t bring myself to write my codes in that way.

So instead of trying to argue the virtues of the code style and structure I have, I will show the rest instead how modular it subsequently will be and how much it allows for the expression of the core domain.

My stance is clear here. Programming is writing. Creating a program is art. Whether you can see it or not, I will leave it up to you to decide. All I can do is show you.

With that, I don’t feel that “disengaged” from work as I had before.

After all, why make yourself miserable from Monday to Friday? It’s just stupid.

Anyway, some of my colleagues started following the style I have set while some remain set in their way. So in a way, I create my own clique and supporters through my actions and building rapport.

This clique thing starts to show up even during lunch when sometimes we sit separately or go separately from the rest.