The many form of writings

Poetry is a form of writing.

Copy is a form of writing.

Journalism is a form of writing.

Books, be it fiction or non-fiction requires writing.

Television and movie scripts requires writing.

Programming is a form of writing.

Posting on social media requires writing.

There is writing involved almost everywhere and the question is do you simply enjoy the process of writing, creating content or when do enjoy something else that you have yet identified while working on any of the above?

I for one enjoy the process of writing for the sole purpose of sharing my ideas and/or solutions.

Thought Snapshot #3

Snippet #1

It’s very simple really. If you need to buy something with your credit card or on installment plan, then you are too poor to buy it. You can’t afford it. So don’t buy it. The only time you can afford it is when you can pay the full amount upfront.

Snippet #2

You work so hard to earn the money just so that you can compare with people around you by filling your life with things. When your health start failing you, you start spending the money you have earned for the purpose of comparison. At the end of it, you have no things to speak of, no health to speak of, and no wealth to speak of. You are better off dead.

Snippet #3

What’s the worse thing that could happen to a writer? A writer’s block brought on by his own incompetence and lack of exposure.