Daily Journal – Aug 8, 2017

This is my 124th journal.

I woke up earlier today without alarm clock at around 0900hrs. Watched some YouTube video from my favorite youtubers , had a quick morning shower, and then joined my mom to go eat chicken porridge at Jurong West hawker centre.

While eating, I was sweating like mad because I have been eating in air-conditioned environment often. My mom was saying that I have pampered myself too much already. Yeah, I agree. That’s what happen when you feel like a millionaire (not an actual millionaire).

After eating, I had a craving for fried carrot cake and so my mom went to get it. It took more than 15 minutes before it was ready. During that time, the sky started pouring down and my mom forgot to bring in the laundry before we went out. So that’s that.

When my mom finally came back, it was in a packed form. Apparently, the person preparing the food didn’t hear what my mom said about eating in. It didn’t matter as I decided to eat it at home. Then we went to the wet market to get some fishball and egg noodles.

After that we went home. At first we wanted to board bus number 99 but there were a lot of people. So happened that bus number 502 also came and we took that instead. Well, I was under the assumption that the bus will stop at our apartment block but upon checking the details of the bus route, I realized our mistake.

But it’s all good. We alighted at the a mini-shopping mall near our house and went to the supermarket instead. Got more stuff before we made our way home.

Along the way, and running from the rain, I came across two really cute and beautiful cats. I love cats so much, especially when they are all fluffy.

So I went to pet the one of the cats on the head before joining my mom and making our way home.

Upon reaching home, I ate the fried carrot cake and I found it pretty tasty but can’t beat the one that I ate at Ang Mo Kio hawker centre.

After that, brushed my teeth again and I drank some Earl Grey. Then I went to play Cities Skylines for the remaining of the day until dinner time at around 2030hrs. Along the way, my mom went out with my sister to see the doctor as my sister was feeling sick. Then my mom did tried to call me but because I was wearing earphones, playing games, I didn’t know my phone rang. So I missed it. Apparently, my mom wanted to ask me what I wanted to eat for lunch. End up she got me two big meat buns. Ate that for lunch and continue playing.

Here are some night shots of my city:

In the game, I made some rather drastic changes to the roads to ensure optimal traffic flow. I changed the roundabouts and used highways-type roads to force traffic to move in a certain way, taking advantage of the in-game road properties.

For the night, I went to watch a YouTube video by Gary Vaynerchuk. In a way, he’s an inspiration to me and serve as a constant reminder to me that I should continue to be myself and do the things that I enjoy in my own way.

Why the need for reminder? Well, I am someone who has the tendency to emulate or be someone else, is an introvert, and score very high on neuroticism of the five factor model. Since I tend to get overwhelm very easily, I have to learn and practice to do things at my own pace, which I tend to forget or when I feel like I should meet someone else’s expectations.

I have also been watching videos and reading up on High Sensitivity and Elaine Aron’s research. Somehow, I feel like I have some traits of a highly sensitive person. I get hangry, is ticklish, never quite like physical contact with another person, and prefer to work in a dark room or in a cubicle. But then I am rarely in tune with emotions of other people. So I don’t know whether I’m a HSP or is just a neurotic introvert.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 16, 2017

This is my 103rd journal.

As before, I will split this journal into two parts.

July 15, 2017

I went to bed at around 0400hrs and woke up at around 1100hrs to a rainy morning. Did my morning routine and powered on my desktop to play some games. Had my breakfast of fried noodle, hash brown and Chinese sausage.

I played Cities: Skylines for the next few hours until I lost track of time. I was spending quite a lot of time on building up my cities and dealing with the repercussion of me making mistakes.

Had a meeting with my friends at 1630hrs and we planned to eat at the Man Man Unagi restaurant located at 1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01, Singapore 089109. You can get there by taking a train to Outram Park station.

When we got there at around 1720hrs, the queue was already pretty long. We joined the queue. Here is the entrance, after the first batch of people went in.

We chatted and we only managed to get into the restaurant at around 1915.

Our drinks came first and all of us ordered the same thing, the Say Yes Cocktail, costing $12.90 each. The drink has the taste of rose/lychee with some light weight sake in it. It makes for a unique drink and I quite like it.

I ordered the large Unatama, which cost $32.80 each.

My friends ordered the Hitsumabushi which cost $26.80 each.

We also ordered the Shirayaki, which is a side dish, costing $25.80 each.

We also ordered two plates of 3-piece tamagoyaki, costing $12.80 each.

We managed to finish most of our food. In my case, I couldn’t finish it all. Wasted one slice of unagi but then if I continue to eat it, I would have vomited out everything. I was that full from all the side dishes and drinks.

By the time we were done, it was already 2000hrs. The final cost of our dinner was about ~$192.

I would definitely recommend it to my friends. The unagi is soft and taste great unlike those unagi from Japanese restaurant like Ichiban Boshi or Sushi Tei. However due to the price tag and long waiting time, it may only be suitable to eat once every few months unless you have a big pocket and truly enjoy eating unagi.

Jul 16, 2017

Today I didn’t do much. As before, I spent quite a lot of time playing Cities: Skylines. Today, it was mostly me trying to deal with death waves. The worse that I have got was that I lost 30k of my city’s population due to emigration and death. Part of the emigration was caused by the landfills being 100% full, causing all garbage to pile up. I had to add more landfills while emptying out the existing ones.

I went for my first 10 kilometer run today and here is the proof.

Tomorrow will be the day I went to sign the contract for my new job and I also got some of the necessary documents for the HR to see.

Here I conclude my journal for today.