Journal #174 – Productive Tuesday, Maybe

I like to think that I have a productive day. Maybe? Maybe not?

Let’s see.

I woke up this morning still feeling both physically and mentally tired. But I still forced myself to get out of bed, have my breakfast, and go to work. Today, I left my house 5 minutes but I purposely walked slower to the train station. So I ended up reaching office at around the same time.

With a large cup of Cold Brew from Starbucks, I powered through the morning. My workflow when it comes to development usually goes like this:

  1. Develop a rough software design in my head.
  2. Start coding based on that rough design.
  3. Identify use cases.
  4. Draw the actual software diagrams.
  5. Continue development and test
  6. Repeat 3 and 5.

So today, I did number 3,4, and 5 until lunch time.

After lunch, I actually took the diagram and ran through it with the team leader. After going back and forth, he agreed to the direction I’m taking and so I continue development.

By about 4pm, I managed to get at least two WCF services up and running but I won’t call it completely done. There are certain scenarios which I have yet consider in the context of it being an identity access management system.

Personally, I never liked having not cover all possible scenarios in whatever code that I do and given time, I will probably perfect it. Time is not my friend in most of the cases. And so these days, I only focus on getting it to work properly covering approximately 60% of the use cases. Part of the reason for that low percentage is because of my desire to balance mental energy use and resting from work.

As a HSP (highly-sensitive person), I do take way longer than normal people to wind down at the end of a workday.

Well, I took a short break from 4.00pm until 4.30pm before continuing my work again. When I start working again, I went back to discuss with the team lead on what I want to do next.

By 6pm, I had already finished inputting the one part of core data necessary for the module to work properly. So I guess I will continue that tomorrow as well as do more coding. I did promise my team lead that I will finish most of the implementation by next Friday for proper integration with the rest of the system.

And I will use this chance to sum up what I learnt or improved on over the past few days:

  1. Entity Framework for Dot NET
  2. Code First Approach with Existing Database
  3. Applying predicate logic for the purpose of implementing domain behaviors and querying the database through the DbContext.
  4. Reinforcing my OOP through domain driven design.

That’s all for my update today.

Journal #130 – Love-hate relationship with Monday

Sometimes I hate Mondays and there are times when I love it. It really depends on what’s my mood and my feeling about work that day.

Put it this way. If the task that I need to do on Monday is something that I would enjoy, I look forward to it. But if it’s something I dread or have no interest in doing, I feel the Monday’s blue. And there are days when I feel the Monday’s blue because I’m burn out from work or that there’s something else that I want to do.

And today is enjoyable Monday.

My day started at around 0750hrs but I chose to lay in bed for a while until about 0800hrs before I got up. Went through my morning routine, put on a pair of black sweat pants and navy blue t-shirt, and out of the house I went.

My mom went to Genting earlier today and will only be back on Wednesday. Since there won’t anyone at home until evening, I spent some time to power off everything except the fridge. The reason is very simple; fear of electrical fire. I have seen enough news about electrical devices or appliance just bursting into flames.

At work, I did some major code-refactoring and feature implementation.

My code refactoring was mostly about shuffling classes around so that they make sense in terms of subdomains.

Ever since I got exposed to domain driven design a year and a half ago, my favorite way of packaging my Java classes is that of the one used by the Cargo Example. The top four main packages, interfaces, domain, application, and infrastructure help to me easily identify the purpose of the classes. Going further down the packages, they represented the subdomains.

But until today, I still have some trouble sorting the classes properly because I know I don’t have enough experience and I’m dealing with a legacy system. Whatever domain knowledge that I had about the system I’m working on were mostly rusty. Two, I have the tendency of second-guessing myself, and is unable to justify why certain classes have to go into certain packages.

At around 1700hrs, I decided to call it a day and packed up. I went home and reached home at around 1815hrs. Had a quick shower and then I went about vacuuming the floor, and keeping the washing machine’s outlet pipe, after draining it dry, once the spin cycle completed.

Then I waited for my dinner and ate it while watching Game of Thrones. I love how some of the characters came a full circle but then I don’t quite remember everything about the show. To me, there are more important things in life than remembering what happened in first few seasons of a TV series. Like for example, building up my personal brand and doing writing.

23So next, I shall focus on watching The Strain before moving on to watch some YouTube video.

Here I conclude my journal for today.