Daily Log #88

It definitely wasn’t a productive day. After all, it’s a Saturday and it should be a day of relaxation–no work kind of day.

I spent my morning at home, watching A Good Day To Die Hard on Netflix because there was really nothing else I feel like doing. No desire to play any video games, write or read.

After I was done watching that and had my breakfast, I went ahead to read up reviews on the various games in the Halo: Master Chief Collection and watched comparison videos.

It turns out the remastering of those older games like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 2 received major graphical overhaul while Halo 3 and Halo 4 received lighting upgrades.

I for one has never play the first few Halo games and only played Halo 4 to completion on Xbox 360. It was only recently that I played Halo Wars Definitive Edition and Halo Wars 2 on PC, having bought the games on Steam and Windows Store respectively. Then, I fell in love with the franchise and decided to buy at least two books set in the expanded universe.

I went to have a nap after watching those videos because I took an anti-allergy/runny nose pill which caused drowsiness. I woke up at around three-fifteen and made the decision to go and buy Xbox One X. My mom told me about my sister wanting to treat us to dinner at six-thirty while I was on the way to the washroom to take a shower.

While waiting for the bus, I went ahead to buy the digital copy of Halo: Master Chief Collection. Upon reaching the mall, I had a late lunch before making my way around to buy Halo 5: Guardian and Xbox One X.

I went to get Halo 5: Guardian first from the only store that had stock. The game cost SG$39.90 With it being an old game (released in 2015), I’m not surprised. What is surprising was most of the stores I went didn’t have Xbox One X in stock. The final place I went was Challenger and they had the one last set. I got that and paid SG699.

Combined with the Halo: Master Chief Collection, I have at least 5 Halo games for my Xbox One X. Halo Wars 2 supports cross platform play. So I will count that in, making it 6 Halo Games. I will get Halo 3: ODST as part of the collection from Microsoft store after I setup the console tomorrow.

So by the time I left for home, my mom was already calling me asking me where I was. My family was leaving already. I told her I’m boarding the bus.

The driver kept the bus going at around twenty or thirty kilometer per hour and by the time I reached home, it was already five-forty-five. During the last hundred meter of the journey, my mom called me again asking me where I was. I told her one more bus stop to go. Oh well. It was a journey that was supposed to take ten minutes, not fifteen. Once home, my dad looked obviously not happy and was talking about rushing for the bus to the train station.

Now, he always have this habit of making a big fuss about being late and whatnots. It like he enjoys destroying a perfectly good family outing with his unhappiness about things beyond his control. Well, I’m like that to at times but only when I’m feeling hangry, upset about something or wanting to get something knowing that it would no longer be there if I’m late. When I was younger, I applied that impatience to almost everything.

But you know what? I have since learned to let things go. Being impatient and then feeling angry about the whole situation serves you no purpose. It doesn’t change anything except make you sick.

So the whole journey to Chinatown on the train was marred with unhappiness and my dad was behaving like a child—intentionally slowing down, not wanting to get close, performed disappearing acts. Unnecessary and stupid because it still doesn’t change anything. And also make himself sick when he already have rather bad health due to age. Oh well…

Maybe I will turn out like that as I get older. Maybe not. In some ways, I have friends who are way mature than me to drop a few tips here and there, tips that I adopted to make myself a better person. So I’m grateful for that.

Dinner was the other thing that was kind of bad. Almost every dish was salty with the heavy dose of Oyster Sauce, probably soy sauce and salt. I could taste MSG in the fish slice soup too. It reminded me of the lunch I had earlier today where soy sauce was a tad too much. Good thing was the mood lightened up.

I didn’t measure my blood pressure but I guess it must be rather high right now though I’m not feeling any effects. I better start detoxing tomorrow.

My family and I went around Chinatown point because we had eaten too much. While there, I went to buy two pairs of jogger pants and a pair of underwear to replace the three Chino pants that I no longer wear due to weight gain, and obvious wear and tear around the crotch area. Well, most of my pants including underwear will suffer from tears around the crotch area within months, especially if they aren’t elastic enough due to my walking gait and speed. This is why all my pants now are either sweat or jogger pants. They have baggier crotch and more stretch material. I also hate to wear dress pants because they are too tight and not elastic enough to be comfortable for me.

On the journey home, I spent some time writing the last scene for my novel. And I can’t help but feel like it’s the hardest thing to do. Every word that comes out feels like they don’t belong. I can see my mind grinding its gears over word choices and how an idea is presented. So I spent some time editing my previous scenes and found that I made some rather glaring mistakes in terms of presenting an idea. Some just outright didn’t make any sense.

After I got home, I had a quick shower and went about unboxing the console but stop short of taking off the plastic wrappings as I wanted to reserve it for Sunday.

Journal #220 – Singles’ Day, Just another chilling day

Today is actually marked as Singles’ Day. It’s a festival that originate from China celebrating single hood. It is also a day where irresponsible consumerism rules because things will be on massive sales and people buy these things en-mass. Just like Black Friday or any other day where companies make compulsory consumption a thing.

To me, it doesn’t really affect me. It’s just another Saturday. I woke up much later today, at around 9.45am. After brushing my teeth, I went out with my parents to have breakfast. After we came back home, we made our respective coffees and I proceed to start up my desktop to play Everspace.

I played for quite a while consistently and for the first time while I was playing through Sector 5 to 6, I didn’t die. I had been very very careful with my resources and the battles I got into. My longer than usual sleep and the coffee definitely helped with my reaction time and calmness.

Then I finally reached Sector 7. There was a moment when I felt excited. It was the last sector of the game and also the end.

After several nerve-wrecking situations in sector 7, I managed to finish the game by early afternoon.

I took 35 tries just to reach this stage. Talk about patience and drudgery.

After that, the game was about collecting 8 DNA pieces. I played for the next couple of hours but by then, I got pretty tired.

I had my late lunch and was waiting for the rain to stop. These past few days, the weather in Singapore had been rather wet. The rain can get pretty heavy.

Once the weather cleared up for a bit, I went for a 5km run. That actually wore me out but it was good.

I went for a shower and decided to just lie down and read the Jony Ive biography until my family members are ready to go out for dinner.

We went to Crystal Jade and ordered a whole bunch of dishes, including meat. I didn’t eat the meat but it doesn’t mean my family don’t.

First dish, steamed buns and Po Lo Pork.

Second dish, Xiao Long Bao.

Third and fourth dishes, stir-fried french beans with minced meat and sautéed vegetable with three kinds of eggs (scrambled, salted, century).

I want to note that the fourth dish was the worse due to the strong ammonia from the century egg. At first, we thought the food was spoilt until we narrowed down the ammonia. So, next time we will not order this dish.

Fifth dish, sweet and sour fish.

Sixth dish, stir-fried prawns. And these prawns are frozen. Very obvious from their sheen.

So you see, even Crystal Jade’s standard isn’t even there. They can’t even use fresh prawns.

Seventh dish, was a vegetarian one. It’s the fried beancurd skin with mushroom strips.

Overall, the dinner was filling but in terms of quality, it’s just isn’t there. I expected better. Anyway, it was my treat.

After the dinner, my family went to the NTUC supermarket to get stuff for a vegetarian soup that my mom wants to prepare tomorrow.

By the time we got home, it was already 10.15pm. That’s when I got down to business and start writing this journal. I shall spend the rest of the night watching some show and turn in.

Journal #185 – Meals with Family

The hawker center near my house opened for business about three days ago. So my parents and I decided to have our breakfast there.

We had rice with fish (Spanish Mackerel) slice soup.

For $5, the fish slices are thick, fresh, and there is quite a lot of them. The soup itself is clear, well seasoned with a touch of saltiness.

After breakfast, we went home after packing Chicken Rice for my younger sister who always sleep until noon on weekends before waking up.

By right, the afternoon was supposed to be spent with my friend, B, but he decided to postpone it because of IBS attack.

So I spent the afternoon playing Everspace. Because it’s a roguelike game, I spent most of the time grinding, slowly earning enough credits to upgrade my ship. I must have sucked at these kind of games as my game always end by the third sector, killed by my enemies.

Then my family and I went out for dinner at The Good Trio Chinese restaurant located at JCube, Jurong East.

We ordered our food and so we had to content ourselves with empty plates and unused utensils.

The first thing that arrived was Chrysanthemum Tea.

The tea itself is not well brewed and is almost tasteless.

Then came the Xiao Long Bao. Not particularly good to eat. The skin is a bit thick and the soup inside is not well made.

Next up is the Chinese Ramen with Seafood and some kind of milky white broth. It was one of the better dish with a balance broth taste. Noodles were a tad bit hard but not outright inedible.

Next up is the BBQ Pork Rib. This was the slightly better dish although it was on the salty side and the meat on certain part of each piece of rib is overcooked. I guess it’s my bias because I like to eat meat.

Then came the crispy pig intestine. This dish was ordered by my second sister because she found it nice. I didn’t eat this dish because the moment it arrived, I could smell it being not well-washed or cooked long enough.

After the pig intestine, while we were still scrambling to eat the rest, the main carbohydrate dish came. Funny how, it came mid-way through our meal. We were given the choice of white rice and mixed grain rice with beans during the ordering process. I went with the latter.

This is the only thing that I enjoy eating. It didn’t taste complex and is healthy. I like the balance between hard and soft.

After the rice, the deep fried yam chunk covered with maltose came.

The inside is soft as with all yam. I love the inside as I love yam. But the outside, with the maltose, it is too sweet for my liking. I don’t really take sweet stuff anymore. The yam taste and the maltose just don’t go well together. It’s like they are two separate thing.

Next up is the rice vermicelli with prawns. I ate this much later as it was on the other side of the table. My sisters and parents were eating it while I ate my rice and other dishes.

Instead of eating it separately, I took a mouthful and a prawn and dump it on my plate which still had the rice. Mixing it in and eating them together just made everything taste better.

The spinach dish came later but I ate it first because it was placed right in front of me.

I enjoy this dish. Like the rice, it wasn’t particularly overwhelming and tasted simple.

To conclude the dinner, the herbal chicken soup came. I took a bowl with two pieces of chicken and various kind of mushrooms.

Somehow, I found the soup to be a tad salty. I did ask my family About it but they said it tasted just right. I guess it’s just me. Or maybe it’s that I’m overly sensitive to certain kind of seasoning.

After the dinner, we spent some time walking around JCube before making our way to IMM. My family bought some grocery and some other household items. The latter I found to be a form of unnecessary consumption. Well, that’s the minimalist talking. I have reached a point where whatever in-store advertisement or sales tactics just won’t work on me because I keep training myself mentally to ignore them. I trained myself to think about what I need and the purpose. Impulse purchase I like think believe that it is a thing of the past for me.

Ok, that’s all for my update today.

Here I conclude my journal for today.