Daily Journal – Aug 1, 2017

This is my 117th journal.

Woke up slightly earlier today at 0930hrs. I wasn’t able to sleep last night until about 0430hrs this morning due to the Cold Brew from StarBucks I took yesterday. Since I ordered venti-sized, the amount of expresso in each cup is worth about 4 shots.

Ate my breakfast, showered, and out I went to my client’s office at around 1055hrs. But before I stepped out of the house, my shirt was already covered in sweat spots and stains.

That’s what happen when you have over-reactive sweat glands. If I’m not wrong, this is known as hyperhidrosis. I have lived with it since I was around 14 or 15. It’s irritating and reduces my quality of life. I have done my research but none of the available treatments is very effective. By effective, I mean allow me to sweat when necessary but stop the sweat glands and the associated nerves from being over-reactive.

So once I arrived at Raffles Place at around 1140hrs, I got my daily fix from StarBucks. Then I made my way out of One Raffles Place, and went to Republic Plaza 2.

I spent the rest of the day writing code and surfing the net. At around 1344hrs, my MacBook Pro decided to freeze itself up. I had NetBeans, Spotify, Virtualbox with Windows 10 guest, Microsoft Excel running. Did a force restart and lost some work. The logs never show anything. Anyway I decided to update all the apps that I was using to the latest, reduced the amount of ram the Windows 10 guest was using, and didn’t face the issue anymore. But then, Windows was running extremely sluggishly. I suspect it could be because I am using the 13 inch MacBook Pro instead of the 15 inch. The processor just couldn’t keep up and by default, it only has 8GB of ram.

Anyway, I never liked the idea of running virtual machines. I prefer to have distinct machines doing distinct things. However, I also don’t think it’s very practical for me to get another Windows laptop since I was just using Windows to run Microsoft SQL server. Due to the project requirement, Microsoft SQL was chosen instead of other databases. And two, I am already heavily invested into the Apple’s ecosystem, don’t see why I should switch to using Windows and waste more money. Beside, this is the only client that I have. Third, I don’t like Windows and strongly preferred Mac OS. I only use Windows for gaming reason.

Of course you might say that I could just connect to cloud-based Microsoft SQL Servers like from Amazon. But we are dealing with sensitive financial data that my client explicitly forbid any form of exposure.

So I guess the only way forward would be me getting the ew 2017 15inch MacBook Pro with the hardware maxed-out.

Heh, so many excuses. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, I left the office for home at around 1750hrs. I wanted to avoid the 1800hrs peak hour crowd. At that time, everybody is trying to get home.

Upon reaching home, as usual, covered in sweat and so I went for a quick shower.

Then I went to Watch a Gary Vaynerchuk video:

At the same time, I also went to create a list of computer hardware that a friend of mine could get for under SG$1500 and sent it to him.

While I’m on the topic of custom PC and hardware, here is a video from Linus Tech Tips that is pretty funny about running GeForce 7100 GS in SLI.

That’s all for today.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Jul 31, 2017

This is my 116th journal.

I think waking up at 1030hrs every morning and sleeping at 0100hrs is part of my daily routine now.

I actually wonder if my sleeping schedule is like that because I’m a night owl. And work, more precisely full-time work, forces me to be a morning person. If that’s the case, then maybe I shouldn’t go back to full time work and let my body decide what’s the ideal time that I should be sleeping or working.

Had instant oatmeal and two slices of bread magazine spread. Then I went about to get some more old letters to feed to the shredder. While I was doing that, my mom prepared some fried scrambled eggs, luncheon meat, and sausages. Then she went to make two sandwiches stuffed with those ingredients and some vegetables. Was totally full at the end of that.

After that, I went to get a shower to prepared to go out to my client office. Flossed, brushed my teeth and used the mouthwash. Donned on a plain, blue-colored t-shirt, light-grey sweat pants, and sneakers and out I went with my backpack containing my MacBook, the various accessories.

Arrived at the client’s office at around 1330hrs after I got the venti-sized Cold Brew from StarBucks.

Waited for the manager to come back from her gym session and then we had a quick discussion…more of a sync up… to understand and recap what we discussed previously for some of the bug fixes and enhancements.

At around 1600hrs, I started the actual process of writing the required codes to deliver one of the enhancements.

I left the place at around 1830hrs and boarded a pretty crowded train from Raffles MRT Station.

Reached home at around 1930hrs, had a shower and got settled down at home.

After dinner, I got started to continue from where I left off earlier on. I finished writing the code at around 2205hrs but decided not to test it. Instead, I went to watch episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 7. Will continue with the work tomorrow.

Freelancing Work

Before I forget, if anyone would like to get in contact with me to do custom application or software development on a freelance-basis, do drop me your contact information in the comments. I do monitor my comments.

Here I conclude my journal for today.