What I learnt from playing Halo for five days

I love Halo franchise because of its nature as a science fiction. Furthermore, the Halo universe is vast and very suitable for all kinds of stories to be told from different perspective.

Because of that, I decided to spend SG$700 on Xbox One X and buy all the Halo games for it for another SG$100 or so. Then I spent the last five days playing the first two games and didn’t really find the desire to watch any shows or do any writing. But I did take time to reflect and that’s how I figured out, discovered and re-discovered things about myself, and about writing science fiction in general.

Number 1

It made me realize that I was a minimalist all along. The kind of minimalist where I focus on only a few things: gaming, writing, reading, and gadgets that improves my quality of life. Throughout my life, I have in fact spent the most time, effort and money on those three things and nothing else. As long as I have access to those, I’m extremely grateful and happy. I never for once felt unhappy about having too many video games, too many books or gadgets. I can even stop buying new clothes for years or skip eating nice food just so that I can get stuff related to any of the four. But I also recognize that I will need to purge old unusable gadgets, video games or books that I no longer read so that I have space for the new stuff.

Number 2

Writing science fiction is something that you can’t jump straight in without a plan, especially if you want to write something on the scale like Halo or even anywhere close. It is just not possible. I learnt my lesson the hard way. There are countless writing projects that I have abandoned because I didn’t plan and only got down to write because I have this sudden urge to do so. Now, I will draft stuff related to the science fiction universe that I want to create in bits and pieces to keep me going. And yes, I do have a science fiction universe that I wanted to create since I was twenty and I’m doing the planning, writing and any other activities I deem necessary to the successful completion of the project.

Number 3

There are times when I actually doubt my ability to focus on one thing for a long period of time because of my tendency to seek the new, the shiny or the novel. But the truth is, I can go all the way into something for days without being bored if that something inspires me greatly and keep me engaged. I can actually apply the same kind of laser focus on the things I work on without being bored or frustrated if I set my mind correctly.

Number 4

My highly-sensitive nature also shows when I’m playing this game. Since I play the game after a long work day, my attention, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination ability are down to the lowest of low. Yet, it prevents me from sleeping well at night because of excessive simulation of my brain.

Number 5

This is related to number 4. I do get frustrated from time to time when I have to deal with a lot. Like the alien Flood. They are countless and love to swarm you from many directions. I lost track of how often I became irritated by the constant need to aim my guns at new enemy. And because of my nature to focus and go deep in, switching my attention constantly make me tired even faster. But I see it as a good training tool. Train myself to be even more resilient and have the ability to enter focus mode faster. I would say it hasn’t been successful. It still take me half an hour to go deep into something when it comes to work.

Daily Log #90




That’s what I have been doing everyday after work since Monday.

I have finished Halo: CE Anniversary and currently playing Halo 2: Anniversary.

I have also finished four episodes of Halo: Nightfall. I’m just left with the last.

So far, I’m loving it.

And Xbox One X is making me rethink: do I need a gaming PC?

Daily Log #89

I didn’t sleep very well last night because I wasn’t that tired for some reason. So I woke up at around 7 am and just lay there in bed, tossed and turned until 7.50am when I decided to get up and have basic breakfast.

After that, I went about to clean dust from the TV console, setup the Xbox One X and put everything back in place. Once the game console is powered on, I went through the process of updating the system, setup the timezone and whatnots, signed in my Microsoft account and began downloading the games I bought yesterday.

I got to say I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer file size the game console needed to download for each of the game. Halo: Master Chief Collection (Digital) needed to download nearly 63GB of data while Halo 5: Guardian needed to download 50 GB of data in addition to the 41 GB of data to install from disc. While I waited for the downloads to complete, I went ahead and bought the Halo 3: ODST campaign for the Master Chief Collection and that alone is another 7 GB of download.

Even with my 1 gigabit fibre broadband, it took the whole morning before the Master Chief Collection completed its download and the Halo 5 to finish one quarter of its download. During that time, I went ahead and played Halo: CE until I think it was the last campaign mission.

I went ahead and watched first episode of Halo: Nightfall before heading out for a run. I made the choice of pausing Halo 5 download and let the Halo 3: ODST to download. To my surprise, the download speed was about 280 MB/s and within minutes, it was done. That made me wonder why Halo 5 took so long.

Either way, I switched off the console and went for a run. After that, I had a late lunch and spent some time re-watching Starship Trooper: Traitor of Mars before getting on to put in some writing. I shall admit that I got a little distracted and was watching YouTube until evening.

Took a quick nap, woke up for dinner and continued more writing with YouTube playing on the side. Throughout the whole time, I find myself irritated by how cluttered my desk is with all the cables, drinking cup, two mice, a keyboard, plants, geomancy crystals, a huge ass gaming PC, and the inconsistent color scheme. Then there is the use of an ugly ass cloths to cover up the television and monitor to prevent dust and for geomancy reason.

Sigh… this is what happens when you let someone else to decide to use whatever is at home to “spruce” up your room without care for consistency, colors, and design.

So over the next two weeks, I’m gonna redo my whole desk setup and get proper, nicer looking cloths to cover up my television and monitor.

And I’m not sure yet if I want to give up PC gaming for the sake of having a cleaner desk, now that I got a Xbox One X. So bear with me while I run through my thoughts here.

I did think about replacing my current desktop with a smaller gaming desktop by Asus. Like the ROG HURACAN.

The use of GTX1080 however is making me think twice because I’m already using that graphic card. And it has been a long time since Nvidia released anything new for gaming. They are so focus on the enterprise side of things like Self-Driving, Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing that it does make them look as though they don’t give a shit about gaming anymore.

The only other logical path would be to buy the necessary hardware for me to build a gaming PC in ITX form factor. Then there is the other thing I could do is to get rid of the television and hook up my gaming console and Apple TV to my monitor. Since it is a 1440p monitor, the output from my PS4 and Apple TV will have letterboxes, maybe even look blurry. But that will definitely free up the top of the TV console for me to put my desktop there. After all, the TV Console is right next to my desk.

So I think the best option would be…

Get rid of that television.

As for speakers for my game consoles, well, I got the Creative Soundblaster Roar that can be connected to my monitor. So all is fine.

Daily Log #85

I spent the first half of my Saturday doing two things. The first was reading and completing Halo: The Cole Protocol. The next was playing Halo Wars 2, specifically completing the Awakening the Nightmare expansion. The night before, I completed the Operation: Spearbreaker addition. After that, I went and took a nap from 12.30pm to nearly 5pm. Yes, I was that tired.

After I woke up, I spent some time to read the next Halo book that I bought. It was Halo: Glasslands. I managed to cover about fifty pages. Later, I went out for dinner with my family. After I got home, I went to re-watch some movies on Netflix in a bid to get some new inspirations.

Because of my long afternoon nap, I didn’t manage to fall asleep until it was almost 3am. During that time I was awake, I had to deal with outbreaks of hives caused by my diet and had to take some anti-histamine.

I woke up at around 9am on Sunday morning and first thing I did was to try and write my novel. But I can see myself procrastinating. Most of the time I found myself just browsing Netflix instead hopping to find something to watch. When I don’t feel any, I went on iTunes.

You know, the problem with Singapore version of Netflix and iTunes was that they don’t have everything the American version had, mostly due to rights issue. That to me, is stupid. From a business point of view, isn’t it better to have everyone access your content? You have 7 billion people in the world and media companies decide to limit to just a few nations? That’s just stupid.

But I digress.

I finally managed to get into a partial flow state to write my novel at around 4pm after coming back from a jog and lunch. After finishing up the last scene of Chapter 5, I did some editing on the overall flow, and added more paragraphs to expand on the ending. I just thought that the ending felt a little rush.

Then I went to fill in some more for a scene in Chapter 3 that remained stuck for the last few weeks. I believe I will be able to finish this last scene by tomorrow. I probably will be doing some writing on the journey to work or home. I will also have tomorrow night to do it. After that, I suppose I will put the novel aside and then go back to it like in a few days time to start the editing process. Once that’s done, I will publish it here, on this blog.

Anyway, the bad posture that I adopted for reading books and using the computer over the last few days caught up to me. With this tension headache, I feel irritable. I tried to use the neck massager that I have to ease up the pain but it didn’t help much. So I guess I won’t stay up too late tonight. Hopefully a good night sleep can cure some of the pain.

And I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow because of the need for me to go down to the customer’s office. I for one still don’t like going there after so long. I just like to stay in my cubicle to do my work as it is more comfortable.

Daily Log #82

The morning of Thursday was spent in office doing some work, fixing some of the bugs raised by my colleagues. There were a few more that I said I would look at the next day because two of my colleagues and I had to make our way to the ConnecTech Asia at the Marina Bay Sand.

While we were at the exhibition, I couldn’t believe just how underwhelm I was by the things showcased by the various companies there. Everyone was doing similar things when it comes to solutions related to Smart City, Traffic management, and Public Safety. Even I can’t tell the difference between the user interfaces used.

I suppose this is what happens when people relied excessively on frameworks to build User Interfaces and neglected completely on make it showcase the creator’s brand. For example, if it’s Huawei product, I expected it to feature themes of Red and White. And a lot of times, I see shades of black and grey.

For me, as much as I love black and grey, I don’t want to see it everywhere. Even I don’t use Dark Mode that often. I prefer authenticity more. The heavy use of black and grey tell me a lot about the company. It tells me the company lacks care for their product, lazy, and is only around to make money. Nothing else matter.

On Thursday night, I made the jump and bought Halo Wars 2 from the Windows 10 app store for SG$73.50. While it was downloading, I went and play a round of skirmish with AI in Halo Wars. I did find myself struggling with it despite the enemy being on normal. I can only assume it’s because I hadn’t been playing realtime strategy games non-stop since the demise of the Command and Conquer franchise. I have always played first-person shooters (FPS) with a mix of role-playing games. After I won the match, I quit the game and instead focus on reading up stuff in the Halo universe.

When the game download was completed, I went ahead and played two campaign missions and was half way through the third when I decided to call it a night since it was already 11pm

Friday itself was a slightly more productive day for me. I had a quick discussion in the morning with my team lead regarding the existing UI and how to go about fixing some of the glitches. After that, I went back to my seat and work. For lunch, I went to eat at Hot Tomato with another intern who joined the team two months back. Well, I do like a little variety for my lunch and that eating the same type of food everyday bores me out.

Later in the afternoon, I went about fixing more stuff, had some chitchat session with my colleague and took a break. I left for home and spent the rest of the night playing Halo Wars 2.

Throughout Friday, I found myself thinking about getting the Xbox One X so that I can play games like Gears of Wars and Halo. However, the price of the console doesn’t justify. Spending nearly $700 just to play two game franchises don’t seem a good investment. I will adopt a wait and see stance for any new franchises or exclusives announced for the Xbox.

On Saturday, I finished the last few missions of Halo Wars 2 and just feel that I am still missing out on experiencing the story of Halo 5 myself. Reading about it on wiki isn’t good enough because you don’t get to see the visual too.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go out and buy some more books to read. Specifically, I was looking for Neal Asher’s War Factory and Infinite Engine, sequels to the Dark Intelligence. I also got myself two books from the Halo franchise. It turns out the Kinokuniya store at Orchard Road didn’t really have a lot of stocks. Most of the copies were showing signs of age and fraying of the cover. So I pick up the ones that still looks pretty good on the outside. I also came across The Expanse but the bookstore didn’t have book 5. If they had, I would have bought all seven books and read.

With that in mind, it turns out my brand of minimalism, other than my basic needs, really is about focusing on three or four main things: Video games or toys that I love playing/having, books that I love reading, hardwares that I love using or improve my quality of life, and nice food. Everything else to me is superfluous. I couldn’t care much for big fancy cars, or houses or watches. Of course, over the years, my interest or things that are of value to me may change but so far, I have noticed I keep going back to those four things. Now what I can do is to ensure I don’t keep too many of those things. Just like how I purge my collection of old PC and consoles games that are simply not going to work with new generation of hardware a nearly a year ago. And one last thing, I will proceed to purge more physical stuff later this year because my room will be renovated.

For Sunday, I spent my morning reading two books: Stephen King’s IT and Steve Jobs biography. I managed to cover about twenty to thirty pages for each of the books before I stopped. I hadn’t been able to find a good position to read my books in since my back and neck pain hasn’t really gone away because I slipped up again. I spent too much time in front of the computer over the last few weeks to play games.

I probably will continue to read later. Now I am gonna try and get my hair cut as well as go for a run…pending the weather. It’s been raining the whole day.

Daily Log #78

It’s Steam Summer Sale and I found myself browsing through the Steam store looking for what game to buy next. I found Halo Wars Definitive Edition on sale and thought I would buy it.

After I got the game, I sat down and played the single player campaign. After 9 hours, I finished it. I got to say I found myself enjoying it and hating it. You see, as a highly-sensitive person, it can prevent you from playing a strategy game on a higher difficulty level because of the need to multitask and strategize in real time though it also means you can process things deeper and have a knack for details. I know I’m suppose to show compassion to myself but in this case I can’t. I hate that aspect in this case. But I guess one can’t have best of the both worlds.

Anyway, I found myself liking the Halo franchise more and more as of late.

It is the science fiction franchise that I enjoy thus far. I love lore and that it is far more comprehensive than any other I have seen. However, I hadn’t gone as far as buying up all the books and all the games.

Come to think of it, not even Command and Conquer come close considering that EA can’t be bothered to develop it anymore other than to milk it for more money. I only hope that Microsoft continue to do it right by the franchise and not do it like EA.

As a writer of science fiction, Halo serves as one of the few inspirations sources. The others being Star Ocean, Xenosaga, and Horizon Zero Dawn. I also draw my inspiration from Star Trek and the recent books written by Peter F. Hamilton. Now, I’m not really a fan of hard science fiction. I’m more of a space opera type of guy. And I also prefer a hybrid approach by mixing fantasy elements and technology.

Other playing game, I spent most of my afternoon napping until 7pm before going for a shower and joining my family for dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant.

At night, I went to watch Luke Cage season 2.

Daily Log #62

Today’s post will be longer than usual because I had to clear out my system of the penned-up emotions and energy.

Thursday Recap

I went home at around 8pm on Thursday because the team lead promise one of our colleagues that we will get her laptop prepped with the latest version of the application. In the meantime, we had to make preparation for Friday’s deployment. It was because another colleague of ours is going away on a three weeks vacation and it’s best that we test and deploy the latest version that included new features implemented by her before Saturday.

The overall pressure to me is high. Considering how sensitive I am, I can even feel, even absorbed, the kind of energy and aura put out by my colleagues as they juggled between different stuff to meet the different demands. There were times—I can sense it—when my colleagues and I were on the verge of getting into fights. I mean the sheer amount of context switching and the atmosphere is already pushing me to the limit. I don’t really need people accusing me of stuff.

Put it in simple words…I’m very pissed throughout the afternoon.

Then towards the end of the day, someone from the project team asked that we prepared the latest of the application for her so that she can work with the subcontractors to test stuff out. My team lead, without asking us, committed to delivering by Thursday night. Making me even more pissed though I manage keep it in.

Later that night, I had to deal with hunger. And for me, I don’t usually eat anything when I know there is dinner around the corner (within half an hour) because I always want to try my best not to waste food. If I take any snacks that make me full, I won’t be able to eat my dinner. Then I will have to throw away some. Thus, I will always reject any offer of food even when I’m starving.

There is one incident that night that is notable. I do feel bad about it after introspection. With what’s going on already in my day, it’s actually not the best time to give me any advice when I’m also feeling hangry. Because even I myself also don’t know if my mind will decide to perceive a threat. Close friend or even family didn’t matter. Best to just keep quiet or ask a question instead.

Well, my friend did give me an advice after I was done ranting over WhatsApp. My mind perceived that advice as a threat. I lost control and I snapped. Of course, he didn’t know the full picture. It’s my fault.

So this lead me to why I couldn’t sleep properly.

The moment I work overtime in addition to the eight hours of work in the day, my mind will go into overdrive mode. In another words, overstimulated. This will prevent me from sleeping. If I do sleep, I will find myself awake repeatedly throughout the night. To my mind, it’s as though I’m resting in the jungle and have to be constantly aware of what’s going on.

Yes, you may find me working at night but that is a conscious decision and I only do so if I didn’t work in the day. That means I don’t feel pressured or anything. I can just stop as easily as I start.

Now, of course one can meditate, go for a run, etc. to get rid of the stress. For me writing is my way of getting rid of the stress and it’s the easiest. Let me rant in writing. And it helps me a lot. Thus I wrote that post. It was to reduce some penned-up emotions.

Friday Recap

My mood on Friday was a mess because I didn’t sleep very well. It all started on Wednesday and the situation got worse for me on Thursday. There were more things that happened on Friday that made me feeling really frazzled and anxious.

I checked my work email too and realized it was the Eat with Your Family day. Staffs are released from work at 4pm. However, the so call exigency of work forced most of my team to stay back until 6pm. The interns however get to leave at 4pm. One of my colleague also left at 4.30pm, dumping everything on me. Me being the nice guy chose to swallow everything despite me feeling overwhelmed.

There was another notable thing. Somehow, my management decided to schedule a demonstration to the customer of the feature we spent the last week implementing and testing at 4pm. It was also the same feature that made us work overtime on Thursday for deployment on Friday but was ultimately scrapped because plans change. After seeing the demonstration, they wanted to showcase it to their senior management next month. So deployment of the latest version is needed again but scheduled next week.

Later, my team lead ask me to go to customer’s site to support the sub-contractor next Monday as no one is available. He himself is going on a four days holiday to China. The other colleague who’s best suited for that role instead get to go for a seminar. This is the thing that piss me off a lot that day. I had to cancel mine scheduled for today because of work while my colleague get to go?

I’m also being asked to deploy the application for the tester to test. Then when certain things don’t work, my team lead will yell from the other side of the room (because he’s there) asking me why it doesn’t work. Sigh…

Now I get this feeling that because I’m the youngest, single, I am being asked to do the most while not being paid as high.

After I left work, I tried to get myself the PS4 game called Detroit: Become Human. The first store I went to, the sale person ignored me. After grabbing the copy of the game from the shelf and placing the game on the cashier counter, I waited for like ten minutes. During that time, the person was happily chatting away with someone by the entrance. Got frustrated, I put the game back on the shelf and walked out. I went to another store on the third floor of the mall. Luckily they had copies of the game. I grabbed it, made payment and left. As soon as I got home, had a shower, I went ahead to play the game until around 2.30am before I went to bed.

On the way home, I had a chat with another friend on WhatsApp. I did mention that I feel like drinking myself to death. That’s how miserable I felt. We talked a little while. She has been dealing with stuff on a smaller scale despite being an entrepreneur. She’s also like me. A HSP. An INFP. Therefore, she has similar struggles with work and people around her.

The conversation with her got me thinking and it’s my current view. It can be little self-absorbed.

Singapore has this “overwork” culture that if one isn’t careful will find themselves slipping into depression or suffer some kind of mental illness. In my case, it’s particularly bad. There’s just no support for HSP in my field of work. It all stemmed from the culture where people are so condescending or even discriminate against people who are suffering from mental illness or just being plain different. Some are just so indifferent and ask you to get over it.

Then there is this situation where no companies will hire you if you say you want a smaller role, get stressed out easily or want to live more simply. You have to be like everyone else — Grow out of your sensitivities, increase your stress tolerance and climb the corporate ladder.

I could be an entrepreneur on a smaller scale. Focus on delivering value for one or two customer per time frame. After all, I’m still supporting a customer for seven years now as a freelancer. It’s a small project that I still find meaning in doing. On the other hand, I don’t find meaning in big multi-million dollar projects like the one I’m on now. I believe it’s because it doesn’t align with my values and I’m practically overworked to death.

Saturday Recap

I didn’t have a good night sleep because my throat was badly inflamed and I had too much caffeine from drinking green tea. Even now as I write this Daily Log, my throat still feel sore and keep coughing.

The first thing I did in the morning after waking up was to play Detroit: Become Human. I managed to finish the first run through by 4pm. I have enjoyed the game but it also made my whole body ache as I sat there for hours only to get up to use the washroom or drink water.

After the game and a shower, I took a nap until it was about 7.45pm before I went out with my family for dinner. That nap definitely helped me to feel better but I guess I will go for a run tomorrow to clear out the rest of the toxins. But it depends on how my body is feeling.

Daily Log #57

I skipped several days of Daily Log because I was quite busy hanging out with friends and family gatherings. Friends and family are two of the most important things in my life. Therefore I will put them first whenever humanely possible.

On Friday night, I met up with my friends from secondary school for dinner and movie. We had dinner at Sushi Tei and Deadpool 2 for movie. During dinner, we caught up with each other on things like work and life. The good thing about not having Facebook is that I’m forced to talk to my friends and share stuff. I don’t check my phone anymore to distract myself.

During the catching up session, it turns out one of my friend love money so much that he is willing to survive on just painkillers with caffeine so that he can work non-stop for seven days straight without sleep. In exchange, he earn nearly $7000 at the end of the seven days after delivering on a project. And in the day? He had a day job that pays him $5000 per month.

All I can say is, that approach just isn’t worth it. Yes, the society and our economy is cold and pragmatic. Money runs the world. But what if you drop dead from that and don’t get a chance to spend that money? His excuse was that he’s still young and he won’t die now. However, there has been cases of people as young as 13 dying of heart failure in their sleep.

For me, I’m going on the other path. I will put in the hard work but never, never at the expense of my health. I take into account my sensitivities when I do anything. If it’s time to sleep or rest or drop work completely, I will do those instead. And whoever wants to ask me to work more, I will tell the person to fuck off nicely. As a highly-sensitive person, getting into a serious fight or argument with someone is just not in me. It’s stressful too.

On Saturday morning, I went to the bank to update the name of my account so that it is in sync with my identity card. Banks, being banks, are very sensitive and particular when it comes to personal information. One wrong letter here or a change of certain things means you can’t get money out.

I also took some time in the afternoon to play Cities Skylines and I still find myself dealing with negative income. I have to look again at how my city generate income and what’s consuming so much.

Later that day, my family and I went to grandma house for a gathering with other relatives. After dinner, some quick chat, have some fun with my cousins, my family and I went home at around 10pm.

Sunday morning is another outing with a friend to catch Deadpool 2 again. Then we had lunch at our usual spot. If you are wondering why? Well, I think I mention before. It’s never about the movie. It’s about the company. Simple stuff. Simple catchup.

On the work front, I found myself rather exhausted mentally. I have had bouts of depression every other weeks or two and I could see signs of burnout too. Because of that, I decided to pull myself out of doing certain things. I am applying minimalism to my work life.

You see, because of my background, I’m doing both backend and frontend development but it’s exhausting. So I told my team leader that I don’t want to work on the backend of the application, with the exception of the identity access module because that’s something I have ownership over and is good with. He agreed but only when they actually manage to get a new hire. And nobody knows when that will be. Thus far, my company hasn’t been successful in getting the right kind of people and have trouble finding the really good ones.

If you wonder why I don’t want to work on the backend anymore, well… I’m having trouble tolerating poorly designed and written code. I’m also having trouble accepting poorly named variables, database columns, and functions that doesn’t really capture the essence of the use case or the domain in my view. I know deep down, this isn’t just some CRUD application that we are working on. So seeing those stuffs just irritates me so much that I felt like I’m a gear in a system that keep finding my gear teeth caught in some weird cloths, preventing me from gripping on to other gears or rotating properly. It slows me down so much that I couldn’t write codes fast enough.

I have only myself to blame for not being adaptable enough. Or that I am no aligned with what the team’s objective with regard to this application and that is delivering functionality as fast as possible. I know those are valid concerns but at the same time, it’s just who I am for the intolerance. I care about long-term maintenance, code readability, modularity, and zero-ambiguity in implementation. There is also the desire for form, perfection, control, and a dash of OCD coming from my core personality. So, I’m not sorry for that.

Now you see why I also love Apple and their products.

And my apologies if my Daily Log seem a little incoherent or jumping around. At least that’s how I felt about it. My only excuse is that… I’m exhausted from the constant outing and work-related stresses. Still, I’m putting it up because why not.

Daily Log #50

I have lost my desire to write anything as of late and thus the lack of updates. Then finally, today, I felt like writing something.

Summary of what happened

On Thursday, I came to realize that there is a grounding issue with my house’s electrical circuit. I only knew after the surge protector that I have signaled to me about a ground fault. At first I thought it was because of a problem during the installation of the electricity meter by the town council’s appointed electrical contractor.

After going back and forth with the engineer on Friday, I decided to call the electrician on Saturday. Previously, my fmaily engaged one to wire up our house with network points and add more sockets. So we called the same person to come and check. That was on Saturday. After checking, he found that there was no earthing on some of the socket but without proper diagnostic tools, he didn’t know that there was a voltage leak. Personally, I can feel it, the tingling sensation, on some of my devices like MacBook Pro because of its’ metal body. Even when I didn’t power on the socket, I can feel there’s some voltage on the mag-safe connector because of it how caused pain when I touched it against my skin where there’s more hair. It’s like electricity is using my hair as a conductor to get deeper into my skin.

Anyway, the electrician will come back again on Monday to change the sockets because he thought it might be the sockets that are causing the problem. Since my room has one of the socket that need replacement, I will need to take time off from work so that I can move my stuff away.

So over the weekend, I spent some time playing some games on my PC. The main games I played were Outlast and Cities Skylines.

Gaming weekend

For Cities Skylines, I continued from where I left off back in January 2018. I believe my most recent game was on this date.

This time I decided to end the game with a bang by playing with disasters.

First I call in the tsunamis which took a long while to appear.

This is the night view of the city after that tsunami. It looks like my city can tolerate that level of damage. Economy is still doing well.

Then it was time to call in the meteors and hurricanes.

A quick check of disaster report showed the amount of people killed and how much of the city destroyed.

Then it was another tedious round of calling in the meteors and more hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and whatnots provided by the game.

By now, my city cannot survive anymore after key infrastructure were taken out like the sewage treatment, power plants, and water supply.

After nearly an hour of systematically calling meteor strikes, earthquakes, and starting of fires, this is how my city looks like.

By the end of my destruction of my city, this is the statistics.

With that, I moved on to a new game today (Sunday). This time, I decided to try to play in the snow and move away from putting my roads in grid-style. I supposed it stems from my personality where I like things to be binary, or clear cut.

As I expand my city, I created a specialized zone for all offices.

Now that I don’t really use a grid system for my roads, I like to think that my city looks better and could work better.

Netflix Time

I started watching Netflix again and specifically, I’m watching The Alienist. So far, I really enjoy it. The story is keeping me engaged, thus I can’t help but binge watch it.

Daily Log #46

My Daily Log has kind of lost its consistency in terms of post time. The only reason was to spend some time doing what I have always love since I was younger and that is to play video games.

Yesterday morning, I came down with a diarrhea but went to work as per normal because I thought it might just be a one off thing. Then while at work, there was this cramping sensation and the need to go to the toilet again.

Then there was a meeting to talk about some new feedback garnered from the user when my team lead went to do demo with the customer. Throughout the meeting, the pain was at times unbearable and I was feeling tired all the time. When I went to the loo the third time, I knew it. It has to be stomach flu (Gastroenteritis) because I have often enough to know the symptoms.

So I told my team lead that I need to take time off to see the doctor. I packed up and left for a nearby clinic. Saw the doctor and he decided to give me a medical certificate for two days, stating that I’m unwell for work. I told my team lead about the two days and he say, “rest more and get well faster. You are a key person.” I replied with two hand emojis indicating ok and good.

I had my lunch and took my first dose of the medicines before going home. I took a nap as the medicines causes drowsiness.

Later in the day, I spent mostly playing a bunch of video games ranging from Everspace to Ghost Recon Wildlands. I even play Outlast for a while and got myself a few scares.

By late evening, the diarrhea has mostly stop. I didn’t stay up late and went to bed after taking some more medicines.