Journal #325

Today I won’t be writing anything about my day. Instead, I will share content that I enjoyed consuming.

The Denial of Death

Below are some launchpad covers of songs that I like. The animation and light works are just beautiful and inspiring.

Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep // Launchpad Cover

The Chainsmokers – Closer // Launchpad Cover

Paul Flint – SAVAGE // World’s First 21 Launchpad Cover

Kaskobi & Nev Play: ZEDD – Beautiful Now (KDrew Remix)

The Spectre – Alan Walker – Cole Rolland (Guitar Remix)

And here is a screenshot of the game Deemo that I have been playing on my iPhone and iPad. The tree in game is now growing slowly but surely.

And finally, this is how all of us live our lives these days, eyes glued to our smart phones not caring what’s happening around us and fail to appreciate life as it is.

Mac Lethal – “Til the Casket Drops” (Official Music Video)

So question is: Is technology better for us?

Journal #167 – Updated to iOS 11 and Out of iCloud Storage

Normally, I will wait at least a week before updating my software, especially if it is the operating system. This time around, I updated my Apple devices as soon as the iOS 11 update is out.

The first device that I updated was my iPad Pro because it was not really a critical device. Yes, I use it to do my writing, browse the web, watch YouTube video but I could do those on my other devices too. That’s why I classify it as non-critical. After a slight hesitation, I went to update my iPhone 6S, which is my work phone.

While the update went on, I went to eat my breakfast and use my other iPhone. Since yesterday, my iCloud storage was full and I didn’t know why. I tried to clean up my backups and remove apps data but it didn’t help. So I went to sign up for 50GB of iCloud storage.

I used iCloud primarily for syncing my writing across my Apple devices. And I have since stopped using OneDrive for such purpose. One primarily reason for that was because of Microsoft’s lack of per-file encryption unless we use the business plan. Their stance on privacy hasn’t been very clear and during the iPhone 5 unlocking fiasco, Microsoft’s stance made me think twice about using their services. So I only store non-sensitive information on OneDrive.

By the time I was done eating, and the storage space upgraded, the update on all both devices were done. I went and finished configuring the devices before going for a shower.

After that, I went to update the remaining iPhone. It took quite a while before it was done. I left house for work and reached office much later than usual. I mean I tend to reach 10 minutes after the official start time these days but today was 15 minutes later.

I will proceed to update my Apple Watch tonight to WatchOS 4.

Anyway, I also went to verify the findings of this article by Ryan Lau about how Apple is no longer attentive to details. I found them all.

Dear Apple, where that 5% extra effort?

iOS 11 came with a whole bunch of new features and I’m sure you can Google for them. But there is something that caught my eye in iOS 11. It is a shutdown function hidden away in the Settings > General. But why is it here?

I shall go and play with the new features in iOS 11.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Latest Technology Tidbits 2

LaterPay enters the US market with its media payment technology

Dated: 11 August 2017

Read More: LaterPay brings its media payment technology to the US


Media companies will now gain access through LaterPay to a new form of business model that will allow them to monetize various pieces of content or getting users to buy a pass to their sites for a limited period of time.

It does sounds a lot like micropayment. When it comes to the internet, micropayment as a model tends to fall flat. Cosmin Ene, LaterPay’s founder and CEO, said that their technology is suppose to make the payment process as frictionless as possible. No payment information is needed when readers buy their first piece of content. It’s only when the bill reaches $5 that the users would need to pay up.

LaterPay raised an additional 5 million euros, bringing the total funds to 20 million euros, in as part of their United States expansion.

Author’s Take:

I personally never quite liked ads because they ruin the experience of a site and it’s can be full of malware. Thus I use a ad-blocker. I also don’t subscribe to news sites because there are free sources. I know that authors and journalists need to make money too. Hmm…I think this might change my stance.

Microsoft Surface products no longer recommended by Consumer Report due to reliability issues

Dated: 10 August 2017

Read More: Don’t buy these 4 Windows laptops if you care about reliability, says Consumer Reports

Additional Reference (if any): Microsoft Surface Laptops and Tablets Not Recommended by Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports, a nonprofit organization that tests and rates products across multiple categories has officially removed the “recommended” designation from four Microsoft laptops. They are also not recommending other products in the Surface lineup because of the poor predicted reliability.

Reliability of a given product was determined by survey of Consumer Reports subscribers and other recent studies, according to the press release. From the data collection, the organization estimated that 25% of Microsoft laptops and tablets will encounter some problem within two years of ownership.

The press release stated, this is not to say that other brands do not have issues but the difference in how unreliable Microsoft devices were was “statistically significant”.

Microsoft offered their counter statement in an email to COnsumer Reports, “Microsoft’s real-world return and support rates for past models differ significantly from Consumer Reports’ breakage predictability. We don’t believe these findings accurately reflect Surface owners’ true experiences or capture the performance and reliability improvements made with every Surface generation.”

Author’s Take:

I did own a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 once and I didn’t use it long enough to experience any significant problem. I personally like the experience provided by the product but I do see people commenting on forums about how their devices were not working properly.

Now is a good time to upgrade that iPad of yours

Dated: 7 August 2017

Read More: Finally, there’s a good reason to upgrade your iPad


It’s challenging for Apple to convince users who already own an iPad to buy a newer version. The existing iPads can already do many things users wanted to do such as watching videos, surfing the web, reading news, etc.

The new iPads are just not compelling enough for these kind of users. However, with iOS 11, that situation may just change.

For photographers, they will now be able to edit photos much easier on iOS 11 for iPad with the new updated Photos app. They will now be able to edit a photo with just a few sliders. The app now also allows trimming of Live Photos so that you get to keep parts that you want, and allow you to special effects to the Live Photos.

Advanced photographers who wants more power can look into using the recently updated Adobe Lightroom for iOS, which comes with support for Apple Pencil, 3D Touch Support, and nearly all the features from the desktop version.

Author’s Take:

So with iOS 11, the “Pro” moniker of the iPad finally starts to make some sense. I personally own a iPad Pro 9.7 and I find that I use it from time to time to do creative work like drawing, or writing. With the Logitech Create keyboard for iPad, the overall footprint is small enough for me to bring it with me anywhere to do my journals and various writing projects. All the apps that I need are there and I didn’t need to bringing my MacBook out. The Apple Pencil is intuitive to use and I take notes with it.