No one cares about your personal journal

Personal journal do not serve anyone but yourself. It’s selfish, possibly self-absorbed writing.


No one cares about what you have for breakfast.

No one cares about what you have for lunch.

No one cares about what you have dinner.

No one cares about your daily life because it’s just like everyone else. Mundane, average, meaningless.

No one cares about how you feel or think about certain things because you are not a celebrity. You are not marketable, sellable or popular.

You are a fucking nobody.

It’s harsh but it’s the truth.

Whatever I have written over the past few months has only one purpose.

It’s to help me.

Help me find my way in life.

Help me understand myself better.

Help me put down my thoughts into words—to set it in stone if you will.

It has another use. It’s to help improve my own writing overall as a friend had noted.

But does it help anyone else? No. Not to my knowledge anyway.

What you should do instead is to write for an audience. Write something that you know about, think about or have tried that will help someone. That’s what it means by being authentic.