Journal #237 – Out of inspiration, I think

You read that right.

I ran out of inspirations and ideas.

I don’t know what else to write that doesn’t sound boring. I know I could fall back to just documenting, which is what I have been doing.

Why did I keep going back to that? Because my day was I would call uninteresting.

And what did I do today? I will document from the most recent to the earliest. Personally, I don’t think I was being productive. You be the judge of that.

I wrote a review about something I bought and published it just a couple of minutes ago.

Before that?

I watched Supergirl and Arrow because it is a four-part crossover. And I have never watched supergirl so I don’t know what’s happening before today.

And before that?

I went out for dinner with my mom after I got home and had a shower. As usual, I ate at a nearby foodcourt, having a vegetarian meal. There’s really nothing super nice, is suitable for a pescatarian, and filling. I really didn’t want to feel hunger later at night. And as I write this line, I’m actually feeling hungry. Damn.

Anyway, what’s before that? I was at work? I did some more coding to standardize the dialogs used, add more logging. I did join my colleagues for lunch, one of the rarer things this particular month because I have been eating by myself at Green Dot and Simply Wrapps for the past few months.

And now we are approaching what I did for the earlier part of the day.

I was in a three-hour course conducted by internal people covering about things like risk management, security, export control, and procurement procedures. Everyone at my company needs to know those. I would say those topics are dry but necessary to ensure that we don’t get ourselves into trouble with the law and the company. My personal safety and stability is dependent on that.

And do you want to know what’s before that? I suppose I will just write it down cause I’m documenting in a reverse order.

Ate first breakfast, showered, left home, commuted, got Starbucks and a sandwich, and arrived at office. Then I eat my sandwich.

So did I ran out of inspiration? Yeah… I think I did. But did I write anything? I sure did. You see, I started out with not really sure what to write and now the words just keep pouring out.

The power of simply starting. Or be the 5 minutes writer like someone smarter, more successful, and more hardworking than me said.

And what’s next.

Well, until now I still hadn’t gotten around to signup for the technical writing course.


Because the course required me to fill in some very personal and sensitive information and yet doesn’t use HTTPS.

I mean seriously?

With all the data breaches and stuff in the recent years…what’s the school thinking?

Journal # 186 – Feeling Blue on a Sunday

I woke up this morning feeling no desire to do anything. But I force myself to do something and so I will just document down what I did. Nothing fancy or exciting.

I had salad first for breakfast while my mom prepared fried noodles. After she’s done, I ate one and a half plate of noodles before proceeding to play several hours of Everspace until about 3.30pm when I started feeling hungry again.

Since my mom prepared a big pot of fried noodles, I went to eat that again.

Played an hour of Starlight Genimi, a game that I bought right after finishing my lunch before deciding to go for a run.

I wanted to run at the stadium and it was finally opened after a long renovation work. When I got there and was preparing to run on the track when I got shooed out by someone. I don’t even know why and got a little upset. There was no notice or what. So I left and ran along the road like I always do. Ran for about 5 km before deciding to stop.

I am trying to avoid running along the roads due to the amount of toxic chemicals in the air, from both cars and irresponsible smokers. Anyway, to me, it’s a lie that Singapore is a green city. It’s not green enough. Still too much pollution in the air.

After that, had a quick shower before making my way to the mall to get some probiotics and a tumbler from Starbucks. I got the tumbler because I’m taking into consideration the amount of times I get drinks from there. It’s simply more environmentally friendly for me to use my own tumbler instead of the plastic cups which are disposed after I’m done. I also got a iced mocha and simply spent the time just walking around the mall. Left the place after I’m done with the drink.

Came back home, had dinner and watched a movie called Security on Netflix. It’s really just a mindless movie for me, watching it for the action sequence, which isn’t that spectacularly great either.

Anyway, I felt like ranting about global warming and climate change but I won’t do it in this entry. I will write another entry for that.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Aug 7, 2017

This is my 123rd journal.

I woke up especially early today at around 0645hrs. Went to the washroom and then I went back to my bed attempting to sleep. But I just couldn’t sleep. So instead I just laid there thinking about stuff before getting up at around 0709hrs. Took a pill for my gastritis and then brushed my teeth.

Used my iPad Pro for a bit to browse the web and look through my Facebook news feed before having my breakfast at around 0740hrs.

Watch some YouTube video on my iPad pro while eating. After I’m done, I went for a quick shower and got ready to go to my client’s office.

Got a cold brew and a Turkey Ham with Egg and Cheddar Sandwich from Subway after I arrived at Raffles Place at around 0940hrs.

Enter a caption

I know it’s bad for people who has gastritis like me but as I said repeatedly. I love coffee too much.

I started doing some work at around 1030hrs. While writing codes, I was messing around with the virtual machine running on my MacBook pro. I was attempting to figure out why the MSSQL database connection was slow and Windows itself was sluggish. So I was powering on and off the virtual machine. On the third attempt, my MacBook Pro suffered from a kernel panic. I mean, the Windows VM was loading up after I logged in and I was concurrently browsing the web.

I of course went and remove the kext, “tl.uds.netusb controller”, because it was an unnecessary kernel extension. It was the TP-Link USB controller software for the printer my previous company was using. Since I already left, this dump reminded me that I don’t need the controller anymore.

After that, I restarted my MacBook Pro one more time after the system started up again. Luckily I saved my work already and so I could continue from where I left off.

I tried the VM one more time and it was still fine. So after I’m done testing one of the feature that I was implementing, I powered off the VM and focus on another feature that don’t need the VM just yet.

Now, I personally hate virtual machines and is looking for alternatives. I’m thinking about buying an Intel NUC just to host Windows-specific stuff (E.g. Microsoft SQL Server). It is so that I can have a portable server and not worrying about internet connectivity or data breaches (the database contains sensitive client information), while I do my main work on the MacBook Pro (no, I’m not going back to Windows). If I need to any stuff like testing out SQL scripts, I could just do a remote desktop into the NUC.

I don’t think it make sense for me to spend maybe SGS$3000 or more to get a Surface Pro with decent specification or maybe < SG$1500 for a budget laptop. Weight and price are both concerns of mine. If anyone got any other better suggestions do let me know in the comments.

Decided to call it a day at around 1700hrs to avoid the evening crowd. Went home, played a few rounds of Plague Inc., reached home and unpack my Mac again.

I opened up my Apple Mail and went through all the emails from all my email accounts. I got a shock when I saw that I to pay Amazon for usage of the AWS. At first, I thought I had shutdown all the instances that I used. It turns out that I forgot to shutdown the RDS instance and my S3 bucket was still active. I made payment and quickly terminate and delete the RDS instance and S3 bucket. I am contemplating if I should shut down the account since I don’t think I will be using it personally.

After that, I went for a shower and started watching Game of Thrones Season 7, episode 4. Now this is the episode to die for.

I’m not gonna even try to warn anyone about spoilers since this is the internet age. Everything is out there already.

To sum the whole episode up: the Lannisters got severely roasted by the dragon and swarmed by the Dorathki warriors. Jamie’s fate is unknown. Bran Stark is too calm while Arya Stark is a seriously good fighter. Littlefinger is still being the resident creeper.

Earlier today, I actually wanted to watch Atomic Blonde but the friends that I asked either didn’t want to watch or not free. Since it is ridiculously rated R21 in Singapore, I have to watch it in the cinemas since I don’t think I will be able to get it from iTunes. If it really comes down to it, I will watch it by myself. Just hope there are still shows this week.

Oh wait… apparently, I can get R21 movies from iTunes according to this news article: New rule on R21 content reflects changing media landscape.

Personally, I never quite like the idea of censorship or ratings. I mean, the world itself is not that friendly or nice. There are so many things going on. The act of censorship or ratings is like trying to shield people from realities of the world or preventing people from seeing new ideas.

I guess my stance on censorship comes from the fact that I am mostly immune to violent imageries, and I can deal with mature content or thought provoking stuff. I’m not even grossed out by gore or blood in films. I can tell what is fake or propaganda, and what is real.

But I can’t say the same for the other 16, 17 or 18 year-old Singaporeans. I mean even some 21-year-olds still have the mindset of a 16-year-olds. So I shall just say my piece and let it go. Beside I’m already old enough that not really restricted by these ratings unless the content is banned or blocked by the government.

I think I better stop here as I will probably go on and on about some other stuff. I will share more of my thoughts about some other stuff in separate entries or another journal.

Here I conclude my journal for today.

Daily Journal – Aug 5, 2017

This is my 121st journal.

I didn’t do much today except spending most of my waking hours playing Cities: Skylines. I managed to fix the traffic issues and got my city population growing again. Tax income has now stabilized and that the commercial zones can get their goods now. What I did was simple. Creating a cargo train network that spanned the whole city with support from cargo ships.

Later in the evening, I went for a 8km run. Wanted to do 10km but then I felt that I should let my joints recover as they still hurts when I run. I still hadn’t got around to get the new shoes yet as I have some budget constraint this month. I mean, I didn’t quite want to spend the money since I’m technically not employed full-time.

Had my dinner and off I went to watch Dark Matter (TV Series) and Killjoys (TV Series).

That’s all for now.

Here I conclude my journal for today.