Journal #151 – Started New Job

Today marked the first day of my new job at a company which I shall nicknamed “S”.

The morning was mostly me and many other newcomers undergoing orientation. Then closer to the start of the afternoon, my department manager gave me an overview of the project that I will be doing. Then we went for lunch.

After lunch, the technical manager briefed me on the architecture of the system. After that, my reporting manager also gave me a brief on the component that I will be working on.

Other than that, I spent most of the day setting up my workstation, getting introduced to most of the department, and settling some admin stuff.

Later in the evening, at around 1800hrs, I got introduced to the SVP of the division that I’m in. He talked for a long time, trying to “set certain expectations” and “change my mindset”.

To me, it doesn’t matter. In my mind, I already decided to want to go on a different path in life instead of being a software engineer. I know my core leanings. I know I love writing. It’s just a job for me to earn some income while I focus on what truly matters to me.

Journal #150 – End of my Current Mobility and Freedom

Today marks the last day of my mobility and freedom. And what do I meant by that? Well, here it goes for the past month.

I only do work when I feel like it.

I don’t start working until it’s 1100hrs.

I leave work at around 1700hrs, and latest is 1800hrs.

I don’t work every hour even when I’m at my client’s place.

Whatever free time that I had, I spend on self-discovery, learning some stuff about mindfulness, decluttering, sharing my story, hanging out with friends, spend with my family, and catching up on TV series. These are the things that are meaningful to me.

I wake up usually only at 0900hrs or 1000hrs. But towards the later half of the month, I chose to go with some kind of routine and so I set the alarm clock to go off at 0730hrs.

And let me tell you something. I enjoyed it all.

With this new job, I do get slightly better (compared to freelancing) and more stable income, which would allow me to build up even more of my emergency funds and savings. That’s the only purpose. Other than that, I don’t see how it is a better option. I also don’t get a “freer” life in other sense. I will be forced to work a fixed hour or even need to put in extra hours. Forced into a stifling office. Forced to deal with office politics. Forced to deal with emails or tasks that aren’t necessary.

But you know what? I will find a way to make it work. Because it is a job for me to pay the bills and build up my emergency funds. As Joshua of The Minimalists always say: “drudge through the drudgery”. That financial freedom is necessary for me to do what I love.

Daily Journal – Jul 17, 2017

This is my 104th journal.

Early in the morning, instead of going to work first, I went to ST Electronics to sign my employment contract. I will start my new job on Sept 04, 2017. The contract last two years and I shall see if I like the new job. Maybe it’s irrelevant? Cause having a job is just a means to an end and that is I don’t starve to death and/or end up living on the streets.

Life to me now is all about me spending time doing the things that I enjoy. That means reading, watching shows, gaming, and writing. Software or application development is work and is just a fucking job. As long as at the end of every month or the work I do I get a paycheck, I’m good.

After signing of the contract, I went to work. First thing in the morning was to fix some issues that my colleague encountered with the Kong API Gateway as well as the custom API Management Portal.

Then another colleague and I had a discussion on the SIT issues.

After that, we went for a decently early lunch. Then, three of us made our way to the customer office for a meeting and some discussion.

I left the customer office at around 1745 and made my way home.

Anyway, I have been thinking. If I’m gonna spend majority of my time using Windows to do my work in the future, then I don’t want any Windows machine at home. Unlike most people, I have trouble switching off mentally from work without an actual physical reminder. So I will move my gaming to Mac and PS4. Besides, Apple announced support for external GPU over Thunderbolt 3, it may serve as a compelling platform to do gaming. If not, well, I can always get an iMac pro or a maxed out iMac for my gaming needs. So I think I will dismantle my current Windows PC.

With that, I will continue to play Cities: Skylines.

Here I conclude my journal for today.